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AgeCommit message (Expand)AuthorFilesLines
2020-05-14Bug 563038 - Missing auto-update of configuration on pom changeMickael Istria1-1/+1
2020-03-18Fix build issueFred Bricon1-0/+1
2020-03-18Upversion to 1.16.0-SNAPSHOTFred Bricon2-6/+6
2020-01-09Add Automatic-Module-Name.Alexander Kurtakov1-0/+1
2020-01-08Use consistent dependency rangesFred Bricon1-3/+3
2019-12-18Update to latest jetty from platform.Alexander Kurtakov7-66/+135
2019-12-17Migration to JUnit 4.Alexander Kurtakov2-2/+68
2019-12-17Upversion to 1.15.0-SNAPSHOT.Alexander Kurtakov2-6/+6
2019-12-17Migrate tests to JUnit 4.Alexander Kurtakov2-80/+33
2019-12-16Lambda conversion.Alexander Kurtakov4-79/+59
2019-12-09Bug 553880: Migrate license to EPL v2.0Fred Bricon13-40/+71
2019-10-27Use varargs reflection methods.Alexander Kurtakov1-1/+1
2019-10-25Upversion to 1.14.0-SNAPSHOTFred Bricon2-6/+6
2019-07-24Bug 548652 - Lifecycle mapping from parent not foundMickael Istria1-0/+3
2019-07-11Upversion to 1.13.0-SNAPSHOTFred Bricon2-6/+6
2019-05-09Bug 515668 - Use more efficient APIs to read projects during refreshMickael Istria1-4/+8
2019-03-19Upversion to 1.12.0-SNAPSHOTFred Bricon3-10/+30
2019-01-21Upversion to 1.11.0-SNAPSHOTFred Bricon2-6/+6
2019-01-18Bug 515668 - Add test to ensure registry consistencyMickael Istria1-7/+15
2018-09-20Bump version to 1.10.0-SNAPSHOTFred Bricon2-6/+6
2018-09-20Bump version to 1.9.2-SNAPSHOTFred Bricon2-2/+2
2018-07-03Upversion to 1.9.1-SNAPSHOTFred Bricon2-2/+2
2018-03-16Remove unneeded suppress warnings.Alexander Kurtakov1-9/+8
2017-07-11Bump to 1.9.0Anton Tanasenko2-6/+6
2017-07-05Bump version to 1.8.1-SNAPSHOTFred Bricon2-6/+6
2016-08-08473953 Import should store projects in the project set before buildingmilestones/1.8/ Tanasenko1-8/+36
2016-06-21version 0.18.0-SNAPSHOTIgor Fedorenko2-6/+6
2015-11-24482943 : Update pom editor contentassist to newer apiAnton Tanasenko1-1/+4
2015-06-07updated jdt workspace config to require java 8Igor Fedorenko1-3/+3
2015-06-07require java 8 to build and runIgor Fedorenko1-2/+1
2015-06-07version 1.7.0-SNAPSHOTIgor Fedorenko2-6/+6
2015-05-01449495 : improve ProjectConfiguration sort orderFred Bricon1-1/+2
2015-03-18335720 : Add a preference to automatically update configurationFred Bricon1-3/+11
2015-01-22new convenience ClasspathHelpers#assertClasspath overloaded methodIgor Fedorenko1-0/+13
2015-01-08suppressed few annoying warning markersIgor Fedorenko1-1/+1
2014-12-08removed set/reset settings.xml stdout messages during testsIgor Fedorenko1-2/+0
2014-10-06445675 Honor workspace autobuild for refreshes caused by pom changesAnton Tanasenko1-7/+74
2014-10-03Fix invalid index in sanity checkFred Bricon1-1/+1
2014-06-04436644 added all important about.html to source bundlesIgor Fedorenko1-0/+1
2014-05-28435695 more java7 changes (missed a few last time)Igor Fedorenko1-3/+3
2014-05-24435695 require at least JavaSE-1.7 BREEIgor Fedorenko1-2/+2
2014-05-24version 1.6.0-SNAPSHOTIgor Fedorenko2-6/+6
2013-06-16Do not retain MavenProject instances foreverIgor Fedorenko2-13/+5
2013-06-14cleanup compiler warnings in JobHelpersIgor Fedorenko1-1/+2
2013-06-14Suspend execution context during JobHelpers#flushProcessingQueuesIgor Fedorenko1-4/+11
2013-06-13introduced @RequireMavenExecutionContext test annotationIgor Fedorenko2-0/+96
2013-06-06new version 1.5.0-SNAPSHOTIgor Fedorenko2-6/+6
2013-05-24use orbit jetty 6.1.23 and servlet api 2.5.0Igor Fedorenko8-5/+5
2013-04-09Fixed FilexWagon instantiation strategyIgor Fedorenko1-1/+3
2013-02-16156134 m2e fails with 4.3 I20130212-0800Igor Fedorenko1-1/+2

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