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2019-12-09Bug 553880: Migrate license to EPL v2.0Fred Bricon2-4/+8
Change-Id: I03478938ed8ffcb3f6f5405c32ea61f7c6b8dbf0 Signed-off-by: Fred Bricon <>
2014-07-29440696 guard against ConcurrentModificationException during Properties.entrySetIgor Fedorenko1-2/+2
Change-Id: Ida19217c41836ef788a7a25913b9c5388fe460fc Signed-off-by: Igor Fedorenko <>
2013-08-12414843 do not honour -consolelogmilestones/1.5/ Fedorenko1-17/+2
Signed-off-by: Igor Fedorenko <>
2012-12-31Code format, organize importsIgor Fedorenko1-1/+1
... also enabled automatic code format and organize imports on file save, hopefully this will help us keep formatting consistent in the future. Signed-off-by: Igor Fedorenko <>
2011-06-05340312 unexpected STDOUT debug messages when -consolelogIgor Fedorenko1-2/+2
Signed-off-by: Igor Fedorenko <>
2011-06-05340312 silence all STDOUT logging unless -consolelogIgor Fedorenko1-1/+3
Signed-off-by: Igor Fedorenko <>
2011-03-18339825: Cannot restart eclipse after m2e installationvladt1-22/+21
2011-03-14Don't show misleading message ↵vladt1-5/+25
"org.eclipse.core.runtime.AssertionFailedException: assertion failed: The application has not been initialized." when configuring logback
2011-03-10339567: Log to console only if -consoleLog was passed as arg to eclipsevladt1-7/+21
2011-02-17335872: Start the m2e logback bundle by default and configure logback only ↵vladt1-28/+53
after the eclipse instance location is initialized
2011-02-16335872: Made slf4j/logback initialization more robustvladt1-2/+35
2011-02-15Export the main packagevladt2-3/+3
2011-02-14337167 - workspace chooser dialog never shows if ↵vladt1-1/+7
org.eclipse.m2e.logback.configuration is installed
2011-02-14335872: Renamed ↵vladt2-0/+140
org.eclipse.m2e.logging->org.eclipse.m2e.logback.configuration and org.eclipse.m2e.logging.feature->org.eclipse.m2e.logback.feature

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