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authorAndrew Obuchowicz2020-03-24 14:59:12 +0000
committerMickael Istria2020-04-29 18:10:39 +0000
commit47e4ff869009a69138d70042fcfcc89047cdfe04 (patch)
treeed2c4c78ca8b6d5ea92fcd01bf94e0bbf1c71793 /org.eclipse.m2e.feature
parentdf585b1a005745c979c6c99e45f1cc00faad4e52 (diff)
Bug 561415 - Make source tab in pom editor pluggable/replaceable
Move the WTP-based Maven text page and all the code that depends on wtp.ui to org.eclipse.m2e.editor.xml bundle; then contributes the editor to existing pageFactories extension point. PageFactories extension that provides a source editor just have to call MavenPomEditor.setSourcePage(...) to register themselves as the source page. The generic editor is used as fallback if no page registers itself as source editor. Use GenericEditor as fallback editor if MavenStructuredEditor couldn't be loaded via extension point Change-Id: Iea35471913cd0bea02133982dc1011bef39088f7 Signed-off-by: Andrew Obuchowicz <>
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