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# Contributing to Eclipse m2eclipse

Thanks for your interest in this project.

## Project description

The goal of the Eclipse m2e project is to provide a first-class Apache Maven
support in the Eclipse IDE, making it easier to edit Maven's pom.xml, run a
build from the IDE and much more. For Java developers, the very tight
integration with JDT greatly simplifies the consumption of Java artifacts either
being hosted on open source repositories such as Maven Central, or in your
in-house Maven repository.


## Developer resources

### Issue management

This project uses Bugzilla to track ongoing development and issues.

* Search for issues:
* Create a new report:

Be sure to search for existing bugs before you create another one. Remember that
contributions are always welcome!

### Development environment

Please see

### Code contributions 

m2e only accepts contributions via the [Eclipse Gerrit instance](

## Eclipse Development Process

This Eclipse Foundation open project is governed by the Eclipse Foundation
Development Process and operates under the terms of the Eclipse IP Policy.

## Eclipse Contributor Agreement

Before your contribution can be accepted by the project team contributors must
electronically sign the Eclipse Contributor Agreement (ECA).


Commits that are provided by non-committers must have a Signed-off-by field in
the footer indicating that the author is aware of the terms by which the
contribution has been provided to the project. The non-committer must
additionally have an Eclipse Foundation account and must have a signed Eclipse
Contributor Agreement (ECA) on file.

For more information, please see the Eclipse Committer Handbook:

## Contact

Contact the project developers via the project's "dev" list.


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