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2015-09-29Sprint task - Allow whitespace and linebreaks within ComponentConfigurationMarcel Hein1-5/+1
Change-Id: I42c7a01a238a8d27b0ab66198d28b964e838321b
2015-06-01Non-sprint task - - second taskMarkus Tiede1-0/+1
2015-03-27Non-sprint task - increased version numbers to 3.1.0Markus Tiede2-12/+6
2014-12-18Sprint task - add JavaDoc for API for parameters; minor renaming / unified ↵Markus Tiede1-4/+6
class names; minor cleanup.
2014-11-19Sprint task - increase version numbers to 3.0.0. - part 1Markus Tiede3-13/+13
2014-08-28Non-sprint task - major IDE enhancement: unify output directories + exclude ↵Markus Tiede1-0/+11
target output folder from project visibility.
2014-08-28Sprint task - first preparations for RC API provisioning: re-locate toolkit ↵Markus Tiede13-0/+301
provider to new namespace.

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