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AgeCommit message (Collapse)AuthorFilesLines
2020-10-13Raise version to 8.0.5HEADmastermhein2-4/+4
2020-08-04Raise version to 8.0.4Marvin Mueller2-4/+4
Change-Id: I50c0f6007930dd88ff29c8c0128d6004f4581f7e
2020-04-15Raise version number to 8.0.3Marvin Mueller2-4/+4
Change-Id: I2c005ab761194d7fab53e8e9218f0840953068ed
2020-01-13Version update to 8.0.2Marvin Mueller2-4/+4
Change-Id: I75ddb84221d97e97692f308a7a27ac1bc3c27f63
2019-11-19raise version to 8.0.1Marvin Mueller2-4/+4
Change-Id: I165025e54960ad7a648d62e78c37f434e47bb208
2019-08-01Raise version to 8.0.0Marvin Mueller2-4/+4
Change-Id: I504782935f923eae1a53845db9eba463eb2a567c
2019-05-28Update version to 7.0.3Marvin Mueller2-4/+4
Change-Id: Ie295803f51976f91c070cec9de259645182b21eb
2019-02-27raise version to 7.0.2v8.7.1.0462019-03Marvin Mueller2-4/+4
Change-Id: I09281127dbe11eca21d31e5d85c2d4c94a4e1a6e
2018-11-20Raise version number to 7.0.1Marvin Mueller2-4/+4
Change-Id: I7cd783ba973146923a7b460ecc3277393f844b45
2018-07-31Fix version update problemMarvin Mueller1-1/+1
Change-Id: I11cd5abf1a7ca5e0cad8cd07a2ccc736da95ac5e
2018-07-31Increase Version number to 7.0.0Marvin Mueller2-4/+4
Change-Id: I423327f47148893842e860650b6ffb2ade39cdc1
2017-08-22increase version number to 6.0.0Marvin Mueller2-4/+4
Change-Id: Iad084cba2c16048824b38271502bb6b596b0809e
2016-08-09JUB-1747 - Increase version number to 8.4.0 and the internal version number ↵Daniel Tolgyesi2-6/+6
from 4.0 to 5.0 except api and tools Change-Id: Iab1c16f64c5b910fb1c74bbfc7c5913dd6224926
2015-10-02Sprint task - Raise external Jubula version number to 8.2, internal to 4.0Sebastian Struckmann2-4/+4
Change-Id: I82c9cc1344d20ecfbc2ff12188146d9160b3117b
2015-03-27Non-sprint task - increased version numbers to 3.1.0Markus Tiede2-4/+4
2015-01-26Non-sprint task - unified references to known bugzilla entries.Markus Tiede1-1/+1
2014-11-19Sprint task - increase version numbers to 3.0.0. - part 1Markus Tiede2-4/+4
2014-08-28Non-sprint task - major IDE enhancement: unify output directories + exclude ↵Markus Tiede1-0/+11
target output folder from project visibility.
2014-05-23Sprint task - Increased Jubula version number from 2.3 to 2.4Sebastian Struckmann2-4/+4
2013-11-12Non-sprint task - minor cleanup: redundant version and groupId information ↵Markus Tiede1-1/+0
from derived pom.xml files removed.
2013-11-12Sprint task - consistent version number increase to 2.3.0Markus Tiede2-8/+9
2013-07-29Sprint task - unified version number increase to 2.2.0Markus Tiede2-5/+5
2013-06-21Non-sprint task - switch to tycho 0.18.0Markus Tiede1-3/+0
2013-05-06Sprint task - unified minor version number increase: 2.0.0 --> 2.1.0Markus Tiede2-6/+6
2013-04-04Sprint-Task: Migration from Indigo to JunoRaimar Buehmann4-0/+67
* modified Jubula target and feature to migrate from Indigo to Juno * added feature, relang and site to use an own target for the e3 bundles * modified ActionBuilder to show main menu "Test" in Juno * modified JubulaWorkbenchAdvisor for Juno (

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