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AgeCommit message (Expand)AuthorFilesLines
2011-03-18Corrected test data for project language de_DE - the removal of deprecated te...Markus Tiede1-0/+0
2011-03-17Timebox task - made sample project conform to recommended naming conventions.Markus Tiede2-0/+0
2011-03-17Fix for 337286.Markus Tiede1-0/+0
2011-03-17Namespace conversion for 336756.Markus Tiede6-0/+0
2011-03-15path correctionAchim Loerke1-1/+1
2011-03-15resets execute permissions for OSX after copy operationAchim Loerke1-0/+1
2011-03-09Re-added build integration for swing example extension.Markus Tiede1-1/+6
2011-03-04Added necessary <entry></entry> to config file for test executorAlexandra Imrie1-1/+1
2011-01-20Collected changes since initial contribution.Markus Tiede2-0/+0
2011-01-13Initial contributionAchim Loerke12-0/+260

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