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\item The \gdproject{} is opened in the \ite{}.
+\subsubsection{Auto loading a default \gdproject{}}
+\item Use the checkbox in the \bxname{Open Project} Dialog to specify that you want to open this \gdproject{} in this version automatically when you select:\\
+This is useful if you only have one \gdproject{} that you work with.
+\item Per workspace, you can have one default \gdproject{}. If you are connected to a \gddb{} which does not contain the \gdproject{}, or if the \gdproject{} is no longer in the \gddb{}, then you will be shown the \bxname{Open Project} Dialog and can choose another \gdproject{}.
+\item In the Test preferences \bxpref{gdprefs}, you can disable the auto load of the \gdproject{}. Doing this will mean that you see the normal \bxname{Open Project} Dialog when you select\\
+ \bxmenu{Project}{Open}{}\\

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