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\caption{Database login}
@@ -19,5 +19,13 @@
\item Select the \gddb{} you want to use and enter your username and password.
\bxtipp{If you previously had another \app{} version installed, you may see the information that your current \gddb{} version is not compatible with the latest version. If this is the case, then you can automatically migrate your \gddb{} \bxpref{DBMigrate}.}
+\item If you want to save your \gddb{} password, select the checkbox to store it in the secure store. You can edit your password settings in the preferences via: \\
+\bxname{General/Security/Secure Store}.
+\item Once you have opted to save your password, you can also choose whether you want to perform an automatic login to this \gddb{} when you use this workspace. If you select this option, then the next time you open \app{} and e.g. select:\\
+you will be automatically connected to this \gddb{} with the username and password you entered.
+\item You can change your auto-login details or select another \gddb{} at any time by selecting:\\
+\bxmenu{Test}{Select database...}{}

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