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+\index{Test Case Browser!Opening multiple times}
+To make navigation in larger \gdprojects{} easier, you can open multiple instances of the \gdtestcasebrowser{}. You can filter each \gdtestcasebrowser{} separately to give you different views of your \gdcases{} at the same time.
+\item To open a new \gdtestcasebrowser{}, select \bxname{New Test Case Browser} from the small arrow menu in the \gdtestcasebrowser{}. A new \gdtestcasebrowser{} will open.
+\item When you have multiple browsers open, one of them will always be marked as the main browser. This is the default browser for actions such as \bxcaption{Show Specification} and for the displaying of any search results. You can switch the main browser using the button in the toolbar. If you close the \gdtestcasebrowser{} you have marked as being the main browser, another \gdtestcasebrowser{} will automatically be marked as the new main browser.

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