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@@ -43,31 +43,6 @@ Make sure that the Integrated Test Environment (ITE) is maximized to complete t
<param name="path" value="../shared/createProject.xml">
- <task kind="cheatsheet" name="Define an AUT" skip="false">
- <intro>
- Each Project can have one or more AUT&apos;s.
- </intro>
- <param name="path" value="../shared/defineAUT.xml">
- </param>
- </task>
- <task kind="cheatsheet" name="Configure the AUT" skip="false">
- <intro>
- Each AUT can have one or more configurations.
-A configuration contains details about how to start the AUT.
-For example, you need to define where to start your AUT (on what computer) and with what arguments.
-Some AUT&apos;s will need different configurations so that they can be tested on different platforms.
- </intro>
- <onCompletion>
- It may be necessary to change or add other information in the AUT configuration dialog when you configure your own AUT - especially if you are working with the AUT on another machine. <br/><br/>
-There is more information on configuring AUT&apos;s in the handbook, in the <b>Tasks</b> chapter. <br/><br/>
-You can also see context-sensitive help by pressing <b>F1</b> in the AUT configuration dialog.
- </onCompletion>
- <param name="path" value="../shared/configureAUT.xml">
- </param>
- </task>
<taskGroup kind="set" name="Creating the test specification" skip="false">

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