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diff --git a/ b/
index 367bdd35e..a60d93a76 100644
--- a/
+++ b/
@@ -33,32 +33,5 @@ ActionBuilderSearch=Se&arch
ActionBuildershowView=Show &View
CannotOpenThePerspective=Cannot open the perspective\:
-ChooseWorkspaceDialogDialogMessage=Select a workspace
-ChooseWorkspaceDialogDialogText=Workspace Launcher
-ChooseWorkspaceDialogMessaageDir=Select the workspace directory to use.
-ChooseWorkspaceDialogMessageArea=The application stores user preferences in a directory called a workspace.\nSelect the workspace directory to use for this session.
-ChooseWorkspaceDialogSelectDir=Select Workspace Directory
-CouldNotReadVersionFile=Could not read version file.
-CouldNotWriteVersionFile=Could not write version file.
-LauncherAlreadyInUse=Workspace already in use. Please choose another one
-LauncherAlreadyInUseTitle=Workspace in use
-LauncherCannotBeSet=Error in runtime. Workspace cannot be set.\n\nExiting.
-LauncherCannotBeSetTitle=Workspace cannot be set
-LauncherCouldNotRead=Could not read version file.
-LauncherCouldNotReadTitle=Could not read
-LauncherCouldNotWrite=Could not write version file.
-LauncherCouldNotWriteTitle=Could not write
-LauncherDifferentVersionMessage=This workspace has been written with a different version of the product and needs to be updated.\r\n\r\n\r\nUpdating the workspace may make it incompatible with other versions of the product.\r\nPress OK to update the workspace and open it. Press Cancel to select a different workspace.
-LauncherDifferentVersionTitle=Different Workspace Version
-LauncherNotValid=Selected workspace is not valid; choose a different one.
-LauncherNotValidTitle=Invalid Workspace
-LauncherValidWorkspace=The Application needs a valid workspace; restart without the @none option.
-LauncherValidWorkspaceTitle=Workspace not optional
-UnableToWriteWorkspaceData=Unable to write recent workspace data
UnhandledRuntimeException=Unhandled runtime exception \:
-WorkSpaceDataCantWriteDataTitle=Write data error
-WorkSpaceDataCanWriteData=Unable to write recent workspace data. \ No newline at end of file

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