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<p class="headline2">ITE updates</p>
- <li>Added the If-Then-Else node to have conditional test execution</li>
- <li>Added loop nodes like the While-Do-node which are executing the same test
- cases depending on a condition</li>
- <li>Component names types are calculated differently</li>
- <li>A timeout parameter has been added to most of the check actions which
- lets you wait for a specific status</li>
- <li>It is now possible to skip specific test steps if a parameter value
- has the value ##jbskip##</li>
+ <li>Added the possibility to jump to a referenced data set from the Properties View</li>
+ <li>Double click on Test Case Editor nodes will now open the referenced place of the Test Case</li>
+ <li>Improved the replace Test Case operation which could be used on search results</li>
+ <li>It is now possible to Highlight the component in the Screenshot where the error occurred</li>
+ <li>TreeTable actions have been moved from the Toolkits(JavaFX and SWT) to the concrete unbound modules</li>
<p class="maintxt">The list above is just an overview. For a more
complete guide to new features, read the release notes.</p>

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