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<p class="headline1">What's new:</p>
- <li>Embedded AUT Agent for working with a local Agent on your machine.</li>
- <li>Refactor - Replace with Test Case: You can now replace one or more Test Cases
- with another Test Case of your choice.</li>
- <li>Clean up unused component names: A useful option in the Object Mapping Editor for
- deleting names that are no longer used.</li>
- <li>HTML Test Result Reports can be expanded again.</li>
- <li>Copy ID to clipboard now also works for Test Suites.</li>
+ <li>When entering data, you can now also enter mathematical and date functions.
+ You can use the functions provided or add your own.</li>
+ <li>Test result reports now contain details about the data used at each level
+ as well as the duration of each Test Step, Test Case and Test Suite.</li>
+ <li>When data are missing in editors, this is shown directly in the editor.</li>
+ <li>Categories are now supported in the Test Suite Browser and Central Data
+ Sets Editor.</li>
+ <li>There is a new metrics framework with some example metrics to
+ provide information on the project.</li>
+ <li>A new option "Save As New Test Case" lets you select existing Test Case
+ references from within an editor and save them into a new Test Case.</li>
<p class="maintxt">
The list above is just an overview.
- For a more complete guide to new features, see the
- <a href="">Jubula website</a>
- New and Noteworthy section or read the release notes.
+ For a more complete guide to new features, read the release notes.

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