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Non-Sprint task: Adjusts whatsnew.html to include current changes
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<p class="headline1">What's new:</p>
- <li>We've added a new layer in the ITE that allows you to write tests via an official Java client API</li>
- <li>You can now update fields in external ALM tools based on the results of a test run</li>
- <li>We have made many updates to the JavaFX support</li>
- <li>Version numbers can now consist of major, minor and micro versions</li>
- <li>There is a new description view for adding longer information to nodes in your test</li>
+ <li>There is a new key combination in object mapping mode. With that it is now possible to map the current component at mouse position and all its supported parents from the AUT's hierarchy in the JavaFX toolkit.</li>
+ <li>You can now check the property of items in tables, trees, lists and tree tables .</li>
+ <li>You can now use <emphasis>ub_tbl_checkPropertyAtMousePosition</emphasis> and <emphasis>ub_tre_checkPropertyAtMousePosition</emphasis> in the SWT toolkit.</li>
+ <li>We now use Selenium version 2.46.0.</li>
+ <li>We added an example for our Client API using JavaFX.</li>
+ <li>It is now possible to change the order of single data sets in the Data Sets View.</li>
+ <li>Performance for opening Test Result Details in the Reporting Perspective has been improved.</li>
<p class="maintxt">
The list above is just an overview.

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