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BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
8.1Sprint task - fix for Tiede7 years
8.2.2Non-sprint task - Fix for Bug 489370Marvin Mueller6 years
8.3Fixed various exceptions in the test data sets viewKevin Barbe6 years
8.4Fix for Bug 510230 - check existence of nested column is mostly wrongMarvin Mueller5 years
8.5Adapting the welcome pageMarvin Mueller5 years
marsSprint task - update library versionMarvin Mueller6 years
masterFixes Problem with Importing projectsMarvin Mueller5 months
neonMerge branch '8.3' into neonMarcel Hein6 years
oxygenOxygen - remove nightly deployment from repositoriesMarvin Mueller5 years
photonFix a nullpointer which might occur after switchting projectsMarvin Mueller4 years
2019-09org.eclipse.jubula.core-2019-09.tar.gz  org.eclipse.jubula.core-2019-09.tar.xz  Marvin Mueller3 years
2019-03org.eclipse.jubula.core-2019-03.tar.gz  org.eclipse.jubula.core-2019-03.tar.xz  Marvin Mueller3 years
v8.7.1.046org.eclipse.jubula.core-  org.eclipse.jubula.core-  Marvin Mueller3 years
v8.6.0.262org.eclipse.jubula.core-  org.eclipse.jubula.core-  Marvin Mueller4 years
v2018-09org.eclipse.jubula.core-2018-09.tar.gz  org.eclipse.jubula.core-2018-09.tar.xz  Marvin Mueller4 years
v8.5.0.127org.eclipse.jubula.core-  org.eclipse.jubula.core-  Marvin Mueller5 years
v8.4.1.123org.eclipse.jubula.core-  org.eclipse.jubula.core-  Marvin Mueller5 years
v8.4.0.111org.eclipse.jubula.core-  org.eclipse.jubula.core-  Marvin Mueller6 years
v8.3.1.125org.eclipse.jubula.core-  org.eclipse.jubula.core-  Kevin Barbe6 years
v8.3.0.122org.eclipse.jubula.core-  org.eclipse.jubula.core-  Marvin Mueller6 years
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
2017-05-05Adapting the welcome pagev8.5.0.1278.5Marvin Mueller1-8/+5
2017-05-04Adding Move Tree Table documentation to the Release Notes.Miklos Hartmann2-0/+19
2017-05-03Extinguishing an NPE-generator.Miklos Hartmann1-1/+1
2017-05-03Bug 515690: Empty description view after editing.Miklos Hartmann1-0/+6
2017-05-03Add feature to execute test jobs with incomplete TestSuitesMarvin Mueller11-6/+70
2017-05-03Fixing an infinite recursive callMiklos Hartmann1-1/+1
2017-05-03Fixing the Completeness Check - it did not run when the supplied node was not...Miklos Hartmann1-3/+11
2017-05-02Bug 515902: Multiplying associations in the OME.Miklos Hartmann3-15/+126
2017-04-25Fix for Bug 515739Marcel Hein2-31/+67
2017-04-25JUB 1879: Handling hanging test executions.Miklos Hartmann2-2/+15

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