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2010-08-19This commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create tag 'v20100822'.v20100822rsrinivasan212-43910/+0
2010-07-12 Bug 318596 - [hotbug-request] Default facelets taglibs are not loaded when ...rsrinivasan1-1/+1
2010-06-30[315692] FaceletNamespaceMetaDataLocator should only be active for JSF2.0+ fa...gkessler1-6/+38
2010-05-26[314030] - Eclipse hangs with heap issue when you edit xhtml files if you add...gkessler1-3/+6
2010-05-25Fix for PMC_approved
2010-05-25Fix for PMC_approved
2010-05-18Fix mispatched lines.cbateman1-6/+6
2010-05-18Fix for pmc approved:
2010-05-18PMC approved fix for
2010-05-13 Bug 299813 - [JSF2.0] - new Implicit Objects defined for use in EL expressionsrsrinivasan2-4/+5
2010-05-12Fix for
2010-05-10311105 - [JSF2.0] - Facelet tag libraries without JSP TLD's do not appear in ...gkessler3-2/+167
2010-05-04Fix for PMC approved bug
2010-04-28[Bug 305546] Exception initializing FaceletTagRegistry for HTML.crogers2-5/+25
2010-04-28Add support for detecting composite component library adds and remove by addi...cbateman2-78/+172
2010-04-27Add support for detecting adds, changes and removes to individual composite c...cbateman8-180/+318
2010-04-20Scenario testing and bug fixes for context param defined facelet taglibs.cbateman11-622/+524
2010-04-09Reorganize match and find strategies.cbateman9-439/+482
2010-04-05Add substantial test coverage to the existing Facelet library location mechan...cbateman17-369/+637
2010-03-29Fix for JSPs in a Facelet context. Now correctly returns JSP view adapters ...gkessler2-5/+11
2010-03-18[bug 301862] Change default severity of a missing variable to ignore.cbateman136-1815/+25270
2010-03-12[bug 305615] Remove the dependence of the Facelet facet to enable JSF 2.0 Fac...cbateman3-6/+30
2010-03-08Move facelet.core into JSF Tools mainline from incubator.cbateman125-0/+18945

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