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2007-01-31Prototyped basic column selection and drag on dataTablesv20070131cbateman28-240/+1141
2007-01-31Fixed up isChild static method to make its logic flow better and added JavaDo...cbateman1-14/+37
2007-01-26Fix for Local variable...cbateman1-5/+8
2007-01-26Deprecated the artifact edit get methods that don't specify a location for th...cbateman1-0/+15
2007-01-26Adding dependency on jsf.core.cbateman1-1/+2
2007-01-26Rewrote methods to find valid converters and validators so it uses the AppCon...cbateman1-46/+47
2007-01-26Traps a (so far) unreproducible exception and logs it as a stop gap for https...cbateman1-4/+15
2007-01-26Fix for The check for ...cbateman2-12/+10
2007-01-26Fix for The DesignerPa...cbateman2-2/+23
2007-01-26Workaround fix for bug 171740. Fix should be removed when dependant bug is r...cbateman1-4/+16
2007-01-26Cleanup dead code.cbateman1-2/+1
2007-01-25Fix compile error that 1.4 compliance level missed!gkessler1-2/+2
2007-01-24Initial checkin of implementation supporting "standard" metadata modelgkessler72-104/+3544
2007-01-24Fixed deprecated Assert calls.cbateman3-3/+3
2007-01-24Fixed undocumented empty block warning.cbateman1-0/+1
2007-01-24Fixed deprecated Assert.cbateman2-2/+2
2007-01-24Fixed up some deprecated Assert and JavaConventions API calls plus removed so...cbateman11-15/+16
2007-01-24Added a null check.cbateman1-7/+12
2007-01-24Removed unused imports.cbateman32-85/+0
2007-01-24Fixed deprecated JavaConventions and Assert APIs.cbateman7-9/+12
2007-01-24Add a dispose listener to dispose the FormColors color registry when the pare...cbateman1-1/+13
2007-01-24Reduced severity on the log error when resource tree is locked during modifi...cbateman1-1/+3
2007-01-24Added the ILabelProvider concept to the HiddenTagConverter in order to defer ...cbateman6-20/+88
2007-01-24Tried to maximize reuse of ColorConstants in the default color palettes.cbateman1-9/+15
2007-01-24Fixed possible Cursor handle leak.cbateman1-3/+2
2007-01-24Fixes problem with non-visual decorators where the minimize animation screws ...cbateman1-1/+3
2007-01-24Removed dead code.cbateman1-59/+0
2007-01-24Removed unused import.cbateman1-1/+0
2007-01-22Prototype for non-visual child element decorators. Currently only applies to...cbateman25-151/+1514
2007-01-22Improvement to avoid have the logger throw exceptions while logging other exc...cbateman1-15/+30
2007-01-16stubs: part of initial checkin of common metadata model and query apiv20070117gkessler3-0/+46
2007-01-15Initial checkin of common metadata model and query provisional APIs. Subj...gkessler31-5/+3831
2007-01-11- re-organized the context menu structure vis
2007-01-09First round of visual/usability improvements:cbateman13-114/+269
2007-01-09Removed unused import.cbateman1-1/+0
2007-01-09Changed deprecated jfaces Assert to runtime Assert.cbateman16-16/+16
2006-12-23Patch 1 from 154439 contributed by Matthias Fuessel. Adds an entity resolver...cbateman2-1/+43
2006-12-23Fixed (hopefully) the problem of extension data getting removed on writes. I...cbateman1-2/+15
2006-12-21Enabled 1.2 facet and project creation. Added basic faces-config model valid...cbateman29-30/+2945
2006-12-21Enabled textContent reading and tests for DynamicElement. There is still a w...cbateman7-23/+2
2006-12-21Write/Read tests for Faces 1.2 model changes.cbateman2-3/+3
2006-12-21Faces 1.2 model, translator and read test cases (write tests, extension bug a...cbateman321-34753/+43955
2006-12-20First round of model changes:cbateman54-22336/+26480
2006-12-20Fixed up some warnings (non-functional)cbateman8-20/+12
2006-12-20Removed unused imports.cbateman3-4/+2
2006-12-18Added missing icons folder for EMF generated provider classes.cbateman1-1/+2
2006-12-14Removed unused import.cbateman1-1/+0
2006-12-14Removed unused message QF_NEW_BEAN_PROPOSAL.cbateman1-1/+0
2006-12-12[Bug 167724] To enable Finish button only when JSF Capabilities configuration...justinchen1-103/+154
2006-12-08Bug# 166978itrimble2-2/+31

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