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R3_6_3_patchesBug 461160 - Backport the fix for 'Bug 433515 - Eclipse freezes every few min...vrubezhny2 years
R3_6_maintenanceBug 461160 Backport the fix for 'Bug 433515 - Eclipse freezes every few minut...vrubezhny2 years
R3_7_maintenanceBug 482853 - ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException in JavaSearchPage.initSelections(...vrubezhny16 months
R3_8_maintenanceBug 511114 - JSDT stops breakpoints from working in CDTMat Booth9 weeks
bowerBug 462110 - [bower] Install/Update commands don't follow the NPM Node SemVer...vrubezhny2 years
masterBug 513704 - An NPE exceptions like CompilationUnit.buildStructure() started ...Victor Rubezhny11 days
TagDownloadAuthorAge  R3_8_1.tar.gz  R3_8_1.tar.xz  Patrik Suzzi6 months  R3_8_0.tar.gz  R3_8_0.tar.xz  Ilya Buziuk10 months  R3_7_2.tar.gz  R3_7_2.tar.xz  vrubezhny16 months  R3_7_1.tar.gz  R3_7_1.tar.xz  Mickael Istria19 months  R3_7_0.tar.gz  R3_7_0.tar.xz  vrubezhny23 months  R3_6_2.tar.gz  R3_6_2.tar.xz  Chris Jaun2 years  R3_6_3.tar.gz  R3_6_3.tar.xz  vrubezhny2 years  R3_6_1.tar.gz  R3_6_1.tar.xz  Chris Jaun3 years  R3_6_0.tar.gz  R3_6_0.tar.xz  Thanh Ha3 years  webtools.jsdt-201405221454.tar.gz  webtools.jsdt-201405221454.tar.xz  Sumit Singh3 years
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11 daysBug 513704 - An NPE exceptions like CompilationUnit.buildStructure() started ...HEADmasterrefs/changes/07/93307/2Victor Rubezhny8-68/+101
11 daysBug 513283 - Remove Nashorn hook from JSDT run configuration refs/changes/73/93273/2Patrik Suzzi2-5/+4
2017-03-10Bug 513464 - Remove Nashorn extension from JSDTVictor Rubezhny8-7640/+1
2017-03-09Bug 513341 - "org.eclipse.wst.jsdt.js.node" is requiring "org.eclipse.wst.jsd...Victor Rubezhny3-6/+10
2017-03-09[nobug] Bump features versions for WTP 3.9.0Victor Rubezhny14-15/+15
2017-03-08Bug 513341 - "org.eclipse.wst.jsdt.js.node" is requiring "org.eclipse.wst.jsd...Victor Rubezhny1-1/+1
2017-03-08Bug 513341 - "org.eclipse.wst.jsdt.js.node" is requiring "org.eclipse.wst.jsd...Victor Rubezhny1-4/+4
2017-03-06Bug 498371 - Refactor Search to use ASTParserrefs/changes/67/81467/7Angel Misevski49-8145/+1631
2017-03-06Bug 497249 - Switch to closure compiler for JS parsingrefs/changes/04/92404/1Gorkem Ercan46-220/+2384
2017-03-01Bug 512874 - Bower Integration Testsrefs/changes/72/92072/2Pavol Srna5-3/+246
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