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2018-08-31Merge branch 'stable-4.8' into stable-4.9David Pursehouse1-48/+48
* stable-4.8: Bazel: Use hyphen instead of underscore in external repository names Bazel: Format all build files with buildifier 0.15.0 ChangeIdUtilTest: Remove unused notestCommitDashV Change-Id: I17436237cd66ca1c2800ad5ab0142f4a2bc07328 Signed-off-by: David Pursehouse <>
2018-08-30Bazel: Format all build files with buildifier 0.15.0David Pursehouse1-40/+40
Change-Id: I8343b723da6e40d5ae7fc45c84f64c31276bd5dc Signed-off-by: David Pursehouse <>
2018-02-14Jsch overrides the port in the URI with the one in ~/.ssh/configThomas Wolf1-0/+4
Jsch unconditionally overwrites the port from the ssh config file (if a port is specified there), even if the URI explicitly does give a different port. Fix this, and add tests. Change-Id: I7b014543c7ece26270e366db39d7647f82d64f0d Signed-off-by: Thomas Wolf <>
2017-08-31Add dependency to jsch for OpenSshConfigTest to bazel buildThomas Wolf1-0/+4
Make jsch visible to the test bundle and add the dependency. Change-Id: I0c49ee9b8f64fe8a8c74d2f08865917eb33069b4 Signed-off-by: Thomas Wolf <>
2017-03-23bazel: Consume hamcrest through transitive dependencyDavid Ostrovsky1-6/+3
In I3ab958ce8 explicit dependency in lib/BUILD were defined and most of the bazel build implementation was switched to using it. Switch test.bzl test implementation to using explicit dependencies as well. Change-Id: I4413d1a45addeeb2a980d07669fa034c2eebb3a4 Signed-off-by: David Ostrovsky <>
2017-03-21Add remaining parts of the bazel buildDavid Ostrovsky1-0/+51
Add bazel build for ui and junit.http, and the test packages. A number of different test labels are supported: api attributes dfs diff http lfs lfs-server nls notes pack patch pgm reftree revplot revwalk storage submodule symlinks transport treewalk util To run all tests: bazel test //... To run specific tests, using labels: bazel test --test_tag_filters=api,dfs,revplot,treewalk //... Change-Id: Ic41b05a79d855212e67b1b4707e9c6b4dc9ea70d Signed-off-by: David Ostrovsky <> Signed-off-by: Jonathan Nieder <>

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