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2015-10-18Adding AES Walk Encryption support in modeAndrei Pozolotin1-0/+20
See previous attempt: Here we preserve as much of JetS3t mode as possible while allowing to use new Java 8+ PBE algorithms such as PBEWithHmacSHA512AndAES_256 Summary of changes: * change pom.xml to control long tests * add WalkEncryptionTest.launch to run long tests * add AmazonS3.Keys to to normalize use of constants * change WalkEncryption to support AES in JetS3t mode * add WalkEncryptionTest to test remote encryption pipeline * add support for CI configuration for live Amazon S3 testing * add log4j based logging for tests in both Eclipse and Maven build To test locally, check out the review branch, then: * create amazon test configuration file * located your home dir: ${user.home} * named * file format follows AmazonS3 connection settings file: accesskey = your-amazon-access-key secretkey = your-amazon-secret-key test.bucket = your-bucket-for-testing * finally: * run in Eclipse: WalkEncryptionTest.launch * or * run in Shell: mvn test --define test=WalkEncryptionTest Change-Id: I6f455fd9fb4eac261ca73d0bec6a4e7dae9f2e91 Signed-off-by: Andrei Pozolotin <>

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