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AgeCommit message (Expand)AuthorFilesLines
2017-07-25Add missing newlines at ends of Java filesDavid Pursehouse1-1/+1
2017-06-22Add --match option for `jgit describe` to CLIOliver Lockwood1-3/+49
2017-06-05ArchiveCommand: Create prefix entry with commit timeYasuhiro Takagi1-4/+4
2017-06-05Run auto GC in the backgroundDavid Turner1-0/+1
2017-02-20Enable and fix warnings about redundant specification of type argumentsDavid Pursehouse2-7/+7
2017-02-20Enable and fix 'Should be tagged with @Override' warningDavid Pursehouse1-0/+1
2016-11-14Organize importsDavid Pursehouse2-5/+9
2016-10-23Preserve backslashes within double quotes in CLIGitCommand::split()Rüdiger Herrmann1-0/+2
2016-10-22Checkout: Add the ability to checkout all paths.Ned Twigg1-1/+24
2016-10-19ArchiveTest: Don't use string concatenation in loopDavid Pursehouse1-12/+12
2016-10-14Fix JGit CLI to follow native git's interpretation of http_proxy...Christian Halstrick1-0/+232
2016-08-30CLI: implement option -d for deleting tagsNed Twigg1-0/+23
2016-08-30Added a clean command.Ned Twigg1-0/+136
2016-06-23Fix DirCacheCheckout to return CheckoutConflictExceptionChristian Halstrick1-7/+12
2016-06-01Add missing @Test annotationsHugo Arès1-0/+1
2016-05-22JGit CLI: allow to call git init with specific directoryRüdiger Herrmann1-0/+90
2016-02-12ReflogTest: Open Git instances in try-with-resourceDavid Pursehouse1-13/+16
2016-02-05RepoTest: Open Git in try-with-resourcesDavid Pursehouse1-16/+20
2016-01-21Merge branch 'master' into stable-4.2Matthias Sohn11-84/+484
2016-01-21ConfigTest: Create Git instance in try-with-resourceDavid Pursehouse1-1/+3
2016-01-20Merge branch 'stable-4.2'David Pursehouse2-292/+317
2016-01-19CheckoutTest: Create Git instances in try-with-resourceDavid Pursehouse1-285/+306
2016-01-19BranchTest: Create Git instances in try-with-resourceDavid Pursehouse1-8/+12
2016-01-06Make sure CLIGitCommand and Main produce (almost) same resultsAndrey Loskutov1-41/+42
2016-01-06branch command: print help if requested, even if arguments are wrongAndrey Loskutov1-0/+10
2016-01-06Added CLIText.fatalError(String) API for testsAndrey Loskutov2-8/+10
2016-01-02branch command: provide convenient and meaningful options helpAndrey Loskutov1-8/+176
2016-01-02Simplify pgm tests: allow varargs and trim output for toString()Andrey Loskutov1-20/+19
2016-01-02Fixed few locale dependent pgm testsAndrey Loskutov2-5/+14
2015-12-30Make sure tests don't blindly continue if a command is "silently" failedAndrey Loskutov9-24/+13
2015-12-29Sort "eager" path-like options to the end of the helpAndrey Loskutov2-0/+15
2015-12-29reset command: provide convenient and meaningful options helpAndrey Loskutov1-5/+27
2015-12-29commit command: allow to specify path(s) argument(s)Andrey Loskutov1-0/+113
2015-12-29repo command: properly name the required 'path' argumentAndrey Loskutov1-0/+24
2015-12-29Un-ignored existing CLI tests which run just fine on Java 7+Andrey Loskutov2-13/+2
2015-12-29Don't treat command termination due '-h' option as a fatal errorAndrey Loskutov1-0/+22
2015-12-28Allow checkout paths without specifying branch nameAndrey Loskutov1-0/+37
2015-12-11Add remote command to JGit CLIKaloyan Raev1-0/+159
2015-11-25Repository: Introduce exactRef and findRef, deprecate getRefJonathan Nieder3-7/+9
2015-10-29reset command should support the -- <paths> parametersKaloyan Raev2-9/+133
2015-09-16Fix integer boxing eclipse warningHugo Arès1-19/+18
2015-05-27archive: Drop unnecessary empty comments and 'final' qualifiers on localsJonathan Nieder1-75/+75
2015-03-13CLI status should support --untracked-filesKaloyan Raev1-206/+428
2015-03-09Add "--long" option to JGit describeChristian Halstrick1-0/+7
2015-02-04Add option --orphan for checkoutRüdiger Herrmann1-0/+12
2014-12-22[pgm] Add option --bare to clone commandMatthias Sohn1-0/+20
2014-12-22[pgm] Implement clone using CloneCommandMatthias Sohn1-0/+136
2014-12-16[pgm] Add option --tags for ls-remoteMatthias Sohn1-0/+31
2014-12-16[pgm] Add option --heads for ls-remoteMatthias Sohn1-0/+11
2014-12-15[pgm] Use LsRemoteCommand to implement ls-remote and add a testMatthias Sohn1-0/+96

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