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AgeCommit message (Expand)AuthorFilesLines
2021-01-14TransportHttp: shared SSLContext during fetch or pushThomas Wolf3-19/+107
2020-01-04Update EDL 1.0 license headers to new short SPDX compliant formatMatthias Sohn4-152/+20
2020-01-03TLS support on IBM JDKsThomas Wolf1-4/+36
2019-10-07Apache HTTP: support proxy authenticationThomas Wolf1-0/+3
2019-08-26Apache HTTP: run more testsThomas Wolf1-0/+1
2018-11-26Add a method to get all values of HTTP header defined as listMatthias Sohn1-1/+11
2018-07-23HttpClientConnection.getHeaderFields should support multiple values for same ...Gabriel Couto1-3/+7
2018-05-15Remove 'final' in parameter listsHan-Wen Nienhuys1-1/+1
2017-12-17Fix javadoc in org.eclipse.jgit.http.apacheMatthias Sohn4-7/+52
2017-12-13Remove use of deprecated X509HostnameVerifierMatthias Sohn1-29/+2
2017-02-20Enable and fix warnings about redundant specification of type argumentsDavid Pursehouse1-2/+2
2017-02-20Enable and fix 'Should be tagged with @Override' warningDavid Pursehouse3-0/+34
2016-11-22Fix content length in HttpClientConnectionZhen Chen1-2/+11
2016-10-18Use valueOf rather than constructor for Integer and BooleanDavid Pursehouse2-4/+4
2016-10-13HttpClientConnection: Register connection socket factory for httpMatthias Sohn1-1/+4
2016-09-22HttpClientConnection: Don't use deprecated HttpClient classesDavid Pursehouse1-30/+39
2016-08-24Fix HttpClientConnection leaking temporary buffer filesMatthias Sohn2-12/+33
2016-02-04Add support for HEAD requests to HttpClientConnectionMatthias Sohn1-4/+12
2015-12-16Fix NPE in HttpSupportMatthias Sohn1-13/+14
2014-11-26Apache HttpClientConnection: replace calls to deprecated LocalFile()Matthias Sohn1-3/+3
2014-02-20Move Apache httpclient based HTTP support to a separate bundleMatthias Sohn4-0/+603

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