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2017-02-10Update minimum JDK version in READMEDavid Pursehouse1-1/+1
Change-Id: I655d896b268e946e3492661b08add0ebac22c6f0 Signed-off-by: David Pursehouse <>
2016-08-05Remove references to org.eclipse.jgit.java7David Pursehouse1-19/+3
The bundle org.eclipse.jgit.java7 was removed in 4.0. Remove references to it from the Remove reference to it from org.eclipse.jgit.test/.project, which causes an error message when opening the project in Eclipse: Resource '/org.eclipse.jgit.java7' does not exist. Change-Id: If0dbd562dcd60550bec3c0f793289474b7624bce Signed-off-by: David Pursehouse <>
2015-05-22FS: Remove the gitprefix logicSebastian Schuberth1-3/+3
The only purpose of the gitprefix logic was to determine the path to the system-wide config file. This is now done by discoverGitSystemConfig() independent of the gitprefix, so get rid of this unused code. Change-Id: Iaa88df9bd066dc1ed4067c18618af809e49876b3 Signed-off-by: Sebastian Schuberth <>
2015-02-10Move console classes to pgm bundleMatthias Sohn1-9/+0
Since we updated minimum Java version to Java 7 the console bundle doesn't need to be a separate bundle anymore. Move the contained classes to the pgm bundle which is using these classes. Change-Id: If8e6f2d7405fdfe6f4b178673b4ccf99c67d4b64 Signed-off-by: Matthias Sohn <>
2015-02-09Set minimum required Java version to Java 7Matthias Sohn1-6/+1
Bug: 458475 Change-Id: Iea8f2236d4e6a94a8d14bb8cc685006ea3fd1bb7 Signed-off-by: Matthias Sohn <>
2014-09-04Update the README with current modules and featuresRobin Rosenberg1-8/+82
Change-Id: Ic30f55f30ce260dc02c428e1ebf11f01cb790a6e Signed-off-by: Matthias Sohn <>
2013-02-22Implement recursive merge strategyGeorge C. Young1-2/+0
Extend ResolveMerger with RecursiveMerger to merge two tips that have up to 200 bases. Bug: 380314 CQ: 6854 Change-Id: I6292bb7bda55c0242a448a94956f2d6a94fddbaa Also-by: Christian Halstrick <> Signed-off-by: Chris Aniszczyk <> Signed-off-by: Matthias Sohn <>
2012-09-28Update READMERobin Stocker1-32/+31
Extend introduction, update links and remove outdated information. Change-Id: I29f4d72c980008b6bebe3b009d58c915cd091b9d Signed-off-by: Matthias Sohn <>
2012-09-08README: Convert to Markdown and rename to README.mdRobin Stocker1-0/+148
This makes it display nicely on the GitHub mirror repository. And it is still very pleasant to read in plain text. Change-Id: I0c5e1caa58a22684cdbd9a02e9ec38e97d5adb1a Signed-off-by: Robin Stocker <>

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