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AgeCommit message (Expand)AuthorFilesLines
2011-06-07JGit v1.0.0.201106071701-rv1.0.0.201106071701-rMatthias Sohn40-69/+69
2011-06-05Prepare post v1.0.0.201106051725-r buildsMatthias Sohn40-69/+69
2011-06-05JGit v1.0.0.201106051725-rv1.0.0.201106051725-rMatthias Sohn40-69/+69
2011-06-02Update to's latest SUAMatthias Sohn5-304/+259
2011-06-01Prepare post v1.0.0.201106011211-rc3 buildsMatthias Sohn41-69/+69
2011-06-01JGit v1.0.0.201106011211-rc3v1.0.0.201106011211-rc3Matthias Sohn41-69/+69
2011-05-31Remove incubation markerMatthias Sohn24-31/+31
2011-05-31blame: Compute the origin of lines in a result fileShawn O. Pearce13-0/+2606
2011-05-31DHT: Support removing a repository nameShawn O. Pearce3-0/+43
2011-05-31DHT: Fix thread-safety issue in AbstractWriteBufferShawn O. Pearce1-7/+18 Implement pager supportShawn O. Pearce1-4/+33
2011-05-31Change EditList to extend ArrayListShawn O. Pearce1-50/+6
2011-05-31Ensure the HTTP request is fully consumedShawn O. Pearce4-0/+80
2011-05-31Make sure test repositories are closedChristian Halstrick5-0/+27
2011-05-31Fix CloneCommand not to fetch into remote tracking branches when bareChristian Halstrick3-6/+88
2011-05-31Merge 'Fix usage of FileSnapshot in RefDirectory' into stable-1.0Shawn O. Pearce2-23/+24
2011-05-30Fix usage of FileSnapshot in RefDirectoryChristian Halstrick2-23/+24
2011-05-25Update Eclipse IP log for 1.0Matthias Sohn1-6/+0
2011-05-25Merge "Use the stored password instead of prompting for it all the time"Matthias Sohn2-3/+13
2011-05-25DHT: Add sequence RefDataShawn O. Pearce6-224/+372
2011-05-25DHT: Replace TinyProtobuf with Google Protocol BuffersShawn O. Pearce58-2406/+12217
2011-05-25DHT: Remove per-process ChunkCacheShawn O. Pearce6-626/+23
2011-05-25Merge "Let RefDirectory use FileSnapShot to handle fast updates"Chris Aniszczyk4-49/+98
2011-05-24Add a DiffFormatter which calculates a patch-idStefan Lay4-9/+304
2011-05-24Add CleanCommandTest and fix CleanCommandAbhishek Bhatnagar2-5/+122
2011-05-24Add CleanCommand to JGit APIAbhishek Bhatnagar2-0/+123
2011-05-23Use the stored password instead of prompting for it all the timeCarsten Pfeiffer2-3/+13
2011-05-23Let RefDirectory use FileSnapShot to handle fast updatesChristian Halstrick4-49/+98
2011-05-23Add shortening of note ref names to NoteMapKevin Sawicki2-0/+21
2011-05-23Merge "Remove rebase temporary files on checkout failure"Shawn Pearce2-4/+48
2011-05-23Add GitAddTaskKetan Padegaonkar4-1/+156
2011-05-23Remove rebase temporary files on checkout failureBernard Leach2-4/+48
2011-05-19Add LsRemoteCommandTestChris Aniszczyk1-0/+160
2011-05-19Add LsRemoteCommand to JGit APIChristoph Brill4-0/+200
2011-05-19Add org.eclipse.jgit.ant.test to parent pom.xmlChris Aniszczyk2-0/+103
2011-05-19Add GitCloneTaskTestKetan Padegaonkar5-4/+145
2011-05-19Create a MergeResult for deleted/modified filesBernard Leach2-0/+54
2011-05-19Add reset with paths support to ResetCommandBernard Leach2-8/+154
2011-05-19Fix NPE in URIish when parsing an empty URIKetan Padegaonkar3-0/+36
2011-05-19Add org.eclipse.jgit.ant.testKetan Padegaonkar8-0/+67
2011-05-18Add tests for change If203ce5Bernard Leach2-0/+171
2011-05-18Implement rebase ff for upstream branches with merge commitsChris Aniszczyk2-53/+64
2011-05-18Fix path filtering in LogCommandPiotr Janik2-2/+58
2011-05-17Merge "Optimize MergeAlgorithm if ours or theirs is empty"Robin Rosenberg2-1/+50
2011-05-17Optimize MergeAlgorithm if ours or theirs is emptyChristian Halstrick2-1/+50
2011-05-17Merge "Fix diff bug on inserted line"Stefan Lay2-2/+10
2011-05-16Fix diff bug on inserted lineShawn O. Pearce2-2/+10
2011-05-16Add getConflicting() method in Status APIPiotr Janik1-0/+8
2011-05-15Merge "Fix diff when first text is the start of the other"Shawn Pearce3-1/+67
2011-05-15Fix diff when first text is the start of the otherRobin Rosenberg3-1/+67

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