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AgeCommit message (Expand)AuthorFilesLines
2010-06-14Qualify post-0.8.4 buildsstable-0.8Shawn O. Pearce25-147/+147
2010-06-14JGit 0.8.4v0.8.4Matthias Sohn25-147/+147
2010-06-13JGit 0.8.3Matthias Sohn25-147/+147
2010-06-08Include about.html in org.eclipse.jgit artifactMatthias Sohn1-0/+1
2010-06-07Fix of the JGit featureChris Aniszczyk1-1/+1
2010-06-07Added the standard SULA for JGitChris Aniszczyk3-38/+303
2010-06-05Add "resources/" as a source folderMatthias Sohn1-2/+3
2010-06-02Qualify post-0.8.1 buildsShawn O. Pearce25-147/+147
2010-06-02JGit 0.8.1v0.8.1Shawn O. Pearce25-147/+147
2010-06-02Bump all features during releaseShawn O. Pearce1-3/+3
2010-06-01Merge "Describe how to generate iplog."Shawn Pearce1-0/+54
2010-05-29Describe how to generate iplog.Matthias Sohn1-0/+54
2010-05-28eclipse-iplog: Use contribution rather than bug elementShawn O. Pearce4-40/+23
2010-05-28eclipse-iplog: Add new consumes element to IP logShawn O. Pearce2-12/+59
2010-05-28Update cache of IPzilla CQ 3904Shawn O. Pearce1-2/+2
2010-05-28eclipse-ipzilla: Correctly parse result with empty last fieldShawn O. Pearce1-0/+2
2010-05-28Externalize strings in Commit commandShawn O. Pearce3-4/+10
2010-05-27Don't use interruptable pread() to access pack filesShawn O. Pearce3-70/+52
2010-05-24Add a merge command to the jgit APIStefan Lay8-0/+745
2010-05-20Added merge support to CommitCommandChristian Halstrick7-17/+223
2010-05-19Test root locale translationsSasa Zivkov2-0/+105
2010-05-19Externalize strings from JGitSasa Zivkov234-1007/+2766
2010-05-19Fix SSH deadlock during OutOfMemoryErrorShawn O. Pearce2-4/+29
2010-05-19Fix race condition in StreamCopyThreadDmitry Neverov1-8/+2
2010-05-17Remove unnecessary truncation of in-pack size during copyShawn O. Pearce1-3/+3
2010-05-16Reduce the size of PackWriter's ObjectToPack instancesShawn O. Pearce1-21/+23
2010-05-16Reduce size of PackedObjectLoader by dropping long to intShawn O. Pearce7-49/+43
2010-05-15Factor out duplicate Inflater setup in WindowCursorShawn O. Pearce1-8/+9
2010-05-15Squash OffsetCache into WindowCacheShawn O. Pearce2-558/+377
2010-05-15Avoid unnecessary second read on OBJ_OFS_DELTA headersShawn O. Pearce1-11/+7
2010-05-13Fix hang when fetching over SSHShawn O. Pearce1-6/+12
2010-05-13Fix interrupted write in StreamCopyThreadShawn O. Pearce1-2/+16
2010-05-13Fix missing flush in StreamCopyThreadDmitry Neverov1-8/+14
2010-05-12Add commit command to the pgm packageChristian Halstrick3-1/+88
2010-05-11Merge "Fix Maven Javadoc generation problem"Matthias Sohn1-1/+1
2010-05-11Fix Maven Javadoc generation problemJonathan Gossage1-1/+1
2010-05-11Add missing pom dependency to org.eclipse.jgit.junitMatthias Sohn2-0/+13
2010-05-11Expose org.eclipse.jgit.junit via jgit p2 repositoryMatthias Sohn9-0/+253
2010-05-10Add builder-style API to jgit and Commit & Log cmdChristian Halstrick12-1/+1204
2010-05-08Merge "Added MERGING_RESOLVED repository state"Robin Rosenberg4-1/+63
2010-05-08Merge "A stages field and getter for GitIndex entry introduced"Robin Rosenberg1-0/+23
2010-05-08A stages field and getter for GitIndex entry introducedRobin Rosenberg1-0/+23
2010-05-08Added MERGING_RESOLVED repository stateChristian Halstrick4-1/+63
2010-05-08Merge "Lock down maven plugin versions"Robin Rosenberg1-1/+14
2010-05-04Fix FooterLine.matches(FooterKey) on same length keysShawn O. Pearce2-1/+21
2010-05-03Merge "Fix handling of corruption for truncated objects"Chris Aniszczyk1-4/+15
2010-05-03Merge "Don't insert the same pack twice into a pack list"Chris Aniszczyk1-0/+13
2010-05-03Merge changes I0d339b9f,I0e6673b8Chris Aniszczyk2-10/+9
2010-05-01Fix handling of corruption for truncated objectsRobin Rosenberg1-4/+15
2010-04-30Lock down maven plugin versionsMatthias Sohn1-1/+14

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