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AgeCommit message (Expand)AuthorFilesLines
4 daysMerge branch 'master' into nextnextMatthias Sohn18-185/+275
4 daysMerge branch 'stable-5.7'Matthias Sohn6-90/+47
4 daysMerge branch 'stable-5.6' into stable-5.7stable-5.7Matthias Sohn6-90/+47
5 daysMerge "RevWalk: stop mixing lines of history in topo sort"Jonathan Tan6-64/+192
5 daysRevWalk: stop mixing lines of history in topo sortAlex Spradlin6-64/+192
5 daysMerge "Documentation/technical/reftable: improve repo layout"Jonathan Nieder1-23/+30
6 daysUpgrade plexus-compiler-{eclipse|javac|javac-errorprone} to 2.8.6David Pursehouse1-3/+3
6 daysUpgrade maven-shade-plugin to 3.2.2David Pursehouse1-1/+1
6 daysRemoved unused importsAndrey Loskutov2-2/+0
7 daysMerge branch 'master' into stable-5.7Thomas Wolf123-797/+1119
9 daysUpdate API problem filterMatthias Sohn1-9/+1
10 daysPrepare 5.6.2-SNAPSHOT buildsMatthias Sohn75-455/+463
10 daysJGit v5.6.1.202002131546-rv5.6.1.202002131546-rMatthias Sohn74-105/+105
10 daysMerge branch 'stable-5.7'David Pursehouse2-2/+2
11 daysMerge branch 'stable-5.6' into stable-5.7David Pursehouse8-24/+132
11 daysSimplify ReftableCompactorHan-Wen Nienhuys6-90/+47
11 daysBump required Bazel version to 2.1.0David Pursehouse1-1/+1
11 daysUpgrade bazlets to the latest master revisionDavid Pursehouse1-1/+1
11 daysChange the wildcard import to explicit ones.Yunjie Li1-1/+4
12 daysMerge branch 'master' into nextMatthias Sohn12-74/+232
12 daysMerge branch 'stable-5.6'Matthias Sohn0-0/+0
12 daysMerge branch 'stable-5.5' into stable-5.6Matthias Sohn0-0/+0
12 daysMerge branch 'stable-5.4' into stable-5.5stable-5.5Matthias Sohn0-0/+0
12 daysMerge branch 'stable-5.3' into stable-5.4stable-5.4Matthias Sohn0-0/+0
12 daysPrepare 5.3.8-SNAPSHOT buildsstable-5.3Matthias Sohn69-428/+428
12 daysDocumentation/technical/reftable: improve repo layoutHan-Wen Nienhuys1-23/+30
12 daysJGit v5.3.7.202002110540-rv5.3.7.202002110540-rMatthias Sohn69-90/+90
12 daysMerge branch 'stable-5.2' into stable-5.3Matthias Sohn0-0/+0
12 daysMerge branch 'stable-5.1' into stable-5.2stable-5.2Matthias Sohn0-0/+0
12 daysPrepare 5.1.14-SNAPSHOT buildsstable-5.1Matthias Sohn57-360/+360
12 daysJGit v5.1.13.202002110435-rv5.1.13.202002110435-rMatthias Sohn57-60/+60
12 daysMerge branch 'stable-5.6'Matthias Sohn4-6/+49
13 daysreftable: don't check deadline on the first tryHan-Wen Nienhuys1-1/+6
13 daysreftable: clarify commentHan-Wen Nienhuys1-1/+1
13 daysreftable: clear cache on full compactionHan-Wen Nienhuys2-0/+39
13 daysreftable: remove outdated commentHan-Wen Nienhuys1-3/+0
13 daysreftable: clarify that LogCursor may return a null ReflogEntryHan-Wen Nienhuys1-1/+3
13 daysMerge branch 'stable-5.6'Matthias Sohn2-16/+81
2020-02-05Use lambdas where possibleLars Vogel2-40/+38
2020-02-05Merge "Include org.apache.commons.codec 1.13 in the JGit http.apache.feature"David Pursehouse1-0/+7
2020-02-04Upgrade maven-pmd-plugin to 3.13.0David Pursehouse1-1/+1
2020-02-04Restore behavior of CloneCommandThomas Wolf2-16/+81
2020-02-02Include org.apache.commons.codec 1.13 in the JGit http.apache.featureThomas Wolf1-0/+7
2020-02-02Update Maven pluginsMatthias Sohn1-2/+2
2020-02-02AmazonS3: Speed up fetch, try recent packs firstJoshua Redstone2-9/+54
2020-02-01Merge branch 'master' into nextMatthias Sohn132-854/+1559
2020-02-01Merge branch 'stable-5.7'Matthias Sohn10-107/+540
2020-02-01Merge branch 'stable-5.6' into stable-5.7Matthias Sohn10-107/+540
2020-02-01Merge branch 'stable-5.5' into stable-5.6Matthias Sohn10-107/+540
2020-02-01Merge branch 'stable-5.4' into stable-5.5Matthias Sohn10-115/+540

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