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Diffstat (limited to 'org.eclipse.jgit/resources/org/eclipse/jgit/')
1 files changed, 41 insertions, 41 deletions
diff --git a/org.eclipse.jgit/resources/org/eclipse/jgit/ b/org.eclipse.jgit/resources/org/eclipse/jgit/
index aa0eaa77d1..133dd17bad 100644
--- a/org.eclipse.jgit/resources/org/eclipse/jgit/
+++ b/org.eclipse.jgit/resources/org/eclipse/jgit/
@@ -1,12 +1,3 @@
-DIRCChecksumMismatch=DIRC checksum mismatch
-DIRCExtensionIsTooLargeAt=DIRC extension {0} is too large at {1} bytes.
-DIRCExtensionNotSupportedByThisVersion=DIRC extension {0} not supported by this version.
-DIRCHasTooManyEntries=DIRC has too many entries.
-DIRCUnrecognizedExtendedFlags=Unrecognized extended flags: {0}
-JRELacksMD5Implementation=JRE lacks MD5 implementation
-URINotSupported=URI not supported: {0}
-URLNotFound={0} not found
-aNewObjectIdIsRequired=A NewObjectId is required.
abbreviationLengthMustBeNonNegative=Abbreviation length must not be negative.
abortingRebase=Aborting rebase: resetting to {0}
abortingRebaseFailed=Could not abort rebase
@@ -15,6 +6,7 @@ advertisementOfCameBefore=advertisement of {0}^{} came before {1}
amazonS3ActionFailed={0} of ''{1}'' failed: {2} {3}
amazonS3ActionFailedGivingUp={0} of ''{1}'' failed: Giving up after {2} attempts.
ambiguousObjectAbbreviation=Object abbreviation {0} is ambiguous
+aNewObjectIdIsRequired=A NewObjectId is required.
anExceptionOccurredWhileTryingToAddTheIdOfHEAD=An exception occurred while trying to add the Id of HEAD
anSSHSessionHasBeenAlreadyCreated=An SSH session has been already created
applyingCommit=Applying {0}
@@ -29,15 +21,16 @@ badEscape=Bad escape: {0}
badGroupHeader=Bad group header
badObjectType=Bad object type: {0}
badSectionEntry=Bad section entry: {0}
+bareRepositoryNoWorkdirAndIndex=Bare Repository has neither a working tree, nor an index
base64InputNotProperlyPadded=Base64 input not properly padded.
baseLengthIncorrect=base length incorrect
-bareRepositoryNoWorkdirAndIndex=Bare Repository has neither a working tree, nor an index
blameNotCommittedYet=Not Committed Yet
blobNotFound=Blob not found: {0}
-branchNameInvalid=Branch name {0} is not allowed
blobNotFoundForPath=Blob not found: {0} for path: {1}
+branchNameInvalid=Branch name {0} is not allowed
cachedPacksPreventsIndexCreation=Using cached packs prevents index creation
cannotBeCombined=Cannot be combined.
+cannotBeRecursiveWhenTreesAreIncluded=TreeWalk shouldn't be recursive when tree objects are included.
cannotCombineTreeFilterWithRevFilter=Cannot combine TreeFilter {0} with RefFilter {1}.
cannotCommitOnARepoWithState=Cannot commit on a repo with state: {0}
cannotCommitWriteTo=Cannot commit write to {0}
@@ -48,8 +41,8 @@ cannotCreateDirectory=Cannot create directory {0}
cannotCreateHEAD=cannot create HEAD
cannotDeleteCheckedOutBranch=Branch {0} is checked out and can not be deleted
cannotDeleteFile=Cannot delete file: {0}
-cannotDeleteStaleTrackingRef2=Cannot delete stale tracking ref {0}: {1}
cannotDeleteStaleTrackingRef=Cannot delete stale tracking ref {0}
+cannotDeleteStaleTrackingRef2=Cannot delete stale tracking ref {0}: {1}
cannotDetermineProxyFor=Cannot determine proxy for {0}
cannotDownload=Cannot download {0}
cannotExecute=cannot execute: {0}
@@ -58,7 +51,6 @@ cannotListRefs=cannot list refs
cannotLock=Cannot lock {0}
cannotLockPackIn=Cannot lock pack in {0}
cannotMatchOnEmptyString=Cannot match on empty string.
-maxCountMustBeNonNegative=max count must be >= 0
cannotMoveIndexTo=Cannot move index to {0}
cannotMovePackTo=Cannot move pack to {0}
cannotOpenService=cannot open {0}
@@ -96,29 +88,29 @@ compressingObjects=Compressing objects
connectionFailed=connection failed
connectionTimeOut=Connection time out: {0}
contextMustBeNonNegative=context must be >= 0
+corruptionDetectedReReadingAt=Corruption detected re-reading at {0}
corruptObjectBadStream=bad stream
corruptObjectBadStreamCorruptHeader=bad stream, corrupt header
corruptObjectGarbageAfterSize=garbage after size
corruptObjectIncorrectLength=incorrect length
corruptObjectInvalidEntryMode=invalid entry mode
+corruptObjectInvalidMode=invalid mode
corruptObjectInvalidMode2=invalid mode {0}
corruptObjectInvalidMode3=invalid mode {0} for {1} ''{2}'' in {3}.
-corruptObjectInvalidMode=invalid mode
-corruptObjectInvalidType2=invalid type {0}
corruptObjectInvalidType=invalid type
+corruptObjectInvalidType2=invalid type {0}
corruptObjectMalformedHeader=malformed header: {0}
corruptObjectNegativeSize=negative size
corruptObjectNoAuthor=no author
corruptObjectNoCommitter=no committer
corruptObjectNoHeader=no header
corruptObjectNoObject=no object
-corruptObjectNoTagName=no tag name
corruptObjectNoTaggerBadHeader=no tagger/bad header
corruptObjectNoTaggerHeader=no tagger header
-corruptObjectNoType=no type
+corruptObjectNoTagName=no tag name
corruptObjectNotree=no tree
+corruptObjectNoType=no type
corruptObjectPackfileChecksumIncorrect=Packfile checksum incorrect.
-corruptionDetectedReReadingAt=Corruption detected re-reading at {0}
couldNotCheckOutBecauseOfConflicts=Could not check out because of conflicts
couldNotDeleteLockFileShouldNotHappen=Could not delete lock file. Should not happen
couldNotDeleteTemporaryIndexFileShouldNotHappen=Could not delete temporary index file. Should not happen
@@ -148,6 +140,11 @@ detachedHeadDetected=HEAD is detached
dirCacheDoesNotHaveABackingFile=DirCache does not have a backing file
dirCacheFileIsNotLocked=DirCache {0} not locked
dirCacheIsNotLocked=DirCache is not locked
+DIRCChecksumMismatch=DIRC checksum mismatch
+DIRCExtensionIsTooLargeAt=DIRC extension {0} is too large at {1} bytes.
+DIRCExtensionNotSupportedByThisVersion=DIRC extension {0} not supported by this version.
+DIRCHasTooManyEntries=DIRC has too many entries.
+DIRCUnrecognizedExtendedFlags=Unrecognized extended flags: {0}
dirtyFilesExist=Dirty files exist. Refusing to merge
doesNotHandleMode=Does not handle mode {0} ({1})
downloadCancelled=Download cancelled
@@ -179,8 +176,8 @@ exceptionCaughtDuringExecutionOfCommitCommand=Exception caught during execution
exceptionCaughtDuringExecutionOfFetchCommand=Exception caught during execution of fetch command
exceptionCaughtDuringExecutionOfLsRemoteCommand=Exception caught during execution of ls-remote command
exceptionCaughtDuringExecutionOfMergeCommand=Exception caught during execution of merge command. {0}
-exceptionCaughtDuringExecutionOfPushCommand=Exception caught during execution of push command
exceptionCaughtDuringExecutionOfPullCommand=Exception caught during execution of pull command
+exceptionCaughtDuringExecutionOfPushCommand=Exception caught during execution of push command
exceptionCaughtDuringExecutionOfResetCommand=Exception caught during execution of reset command. {0}
exceptionCaughtDuringExecutionOfRevertCommand=Exception caught during execution of revert command. {0}
exceptionCaughtDuringExecutionOfRmCommand=Exception caught during execution of rm command
@@ -218,13 +215,13 @@ illegalCombinationOfArguments=The combination of arguments {0} and {1} is not al
illegalPackingPhase=Illegal packing phase {0}
illegalStateExists=exists {0}
improperlyPaddedBase64Input=Improperly padded Base64 input.
-inMemoryBufferLimitExceeded=In-memory buffer limit exceeded
incorrectHashFor=Incorrect hash for {0}; computed {1} as a {2} from {3} bytes.
indexFileIsInUse=Index file is in use
indexFileIsTooLargeForJgit=Index file is too large for jgit
indexSignatureIsInvalid=Index signature is invalid: {0}
indexWriteException=Modified index could not be written
+inMemoryBufferLimitExceeded=In-memory buffer limit exceeded
integerValueOutOfRange=Integer value {0}.{1} out of range
internalRevisionError=internal revision error
internalServerError=internal server error
@@ -259,11 +256,12 @@ invalidURL=Invalid URL {0}
invalidWildcards=Invalid wildcards {0}
invalidWindowSize=Invalid window size
isAStaticFlagAndHasNorevWalkInstance={0} is a static flag and has no RevWalk instance
+JRELacksMD5Implementation=JRE lacks MD5 implementation
kNotInRange=k {0} not in {1} - {2}
-largeObjectException={0} exceeds size limit
-largeObjectOutOfMemory=Out of memory loading {0}
largeObjectExceedsByteArray=Object {0} exceeds 2 GiB byte array limit
largeObjectExceedsLimit=Object {0} exceeds {1} limit, actual size is {2}
+largeObjectException={0} exceeds size limit
+largeObjectOutOfMemory=Out of memory loading {0}
lengthExceedsMaximumArraySize=Length exceeds maximum array size
listingAlternates=Listing alternates
localObjectsIncomplete=Local objects incomplete.
@@ -273,8 +271,9 @@ lockError=lock error: {0}
lockOnNotClosed=Lock on {0} not closed.
lockOnNotHeld=Lock on {0} not held.
malformedpersonIdentString=Malformed PersonIdent string (no < was found): {0}
-mergeConflictOnNotes=Merge conflict on note {0}. base = {1}, ours = {2}, theirs = {2}
+maxCountMustBeNonNegative=max count must be >= 0
mergeConflictOnNonNoteEntries=Merge conflict on non-note entries: base = {0}, ours = {1}, theirs = {2}
+mergeConflictOnNotes=Merge conflict on note {0}. base = {1}, ours = {2}, theirs = {2}
mergeStrategyAlreadyExistsAsDefault=Merge strategy "{0}" already exists as a default strategy
mergeStrategyDoesNotSupportHeads=merge strategy {0} does not support {1} heads to be merged into HEAD
mergeUsingStrategyResultedInDescription=Merge of revisions {0} with base {1} using strategy {2} resulted in: {3}. {4}
@@ -305,7 +304,6 @@ noHEADExistsAndNoExplicitStartingRevisionWasSpecified=No HEAD exists and no expl
noHMACsupport=No {0} support: {1}
noMergeHeadSpecified=No merge head specified
noSuchRef=no such ref
-noXMLParserAvailable=No XML parser available.
notABoolean=Not a boolean: {0}
notABundle=not a bundle
notADIRCFile=Not a DIRC file.
@@ -319,6 +317,7 @@ notFound=not found.
nothingToFetch=Nothing to fetch.
nothingToPush=Nothing to push.
notMergedExceptionMessage=Branch was not deleted as it has not been merged yet; use the force option to delete it anyway
+noXMLParserAvailable=No XML parser available.
objectAtHasBadZlibStream=Object at {0} in {1} has bad zlib stream
objectAtPathDoesNotHaveId=Object at path "{0}" does not have an id assigned. All object ids must be assigned prior to writing a tree.
objectIsCorrupt=Object {0} is corrupt: {1}
@@ -336,18 +335,18 @@ outputHasAlreadyBeenStarted=Output has already been started.
packChecksumMismatch=Pack checksum mismatch
packCorruptedWhileWritingToFilesystem=Pack corrupted while writing to filesystem
packDoesNotMatchIndex=Pack {0} does not match index
-packFileInvalid=Pack file invalid: {0}
-packHasUnresolvedDeltas=pack has unresolved deltas
-packObjectCountMismatch=Pack object count mismatch: pack {0} index {1}: {2}
-packTooLargeForIndexVersion1=Pack too large for index version 1
packetSizeMustBeAtLeast=packet size {0} must be >= {1}
packetSizeMustBeAtMost=packet size {0} must be <= {1}
packfileCorruptionDetected=Packfile corruption detected: {0}
+packFileInvalid=Pack file invalid: {0}
packfileIsTruncated=Packfile is truncated.
+packHasUnresolvedDeltas=pack has unresolved deltas
packingCancelledDuringObjectsWriting=Packing cancelled during objects writing
+packObjectCountMismatch=Pack object count mismatch: pack {0} index {1}: {2}
+packTooLargeForIndexVersion1=Pack too large for index version 1
packWriterStatistics=Total {0,number,#0} (delta {1,number,#0}), reused {2,number,#0} (delta {3,number,#0})
-pathNotConfigured=Submodule path is not configured
pathIsNotInWorkingDir=Path is not in working dir
+pathNotConfigured=Submodule path is not configured
peeledLineBeforeRef=Peeled line before ref.
peerDidNotSupplyACompleteObjectGraph=peer did not supply a complete object graph
@@ -360,15 +359,15 @@ pushCancelled=push cancelled
pushIsNotSupportedForBundleTransport=Push is not supported for bundle transport
pushNotPermitted=push not permitted
rawLogMessageDoesNotParseAsLogEntry=Raw log message does not parse as log entry
-readTimedOut=Read timed out
readingObjectsFromLocalRepositoryFailed=reading objects from local repository failed: {0}
+readTimedOut=Read timed out
receivePackObjectTooLarge1=Object too large, rejecting the pack. Max object size limit is {0} bytes.
receivePackObjectTooLarge2=Object too large ({0} bytes), rejecting the pack. Max object size limit is {1} bytes.
receivingObjects=Receiving objects
refAlreadyExists=Ref {0} already exists
+reflogEntryNotFound=Entry {0} not found in reflog for ''{1}''
refNotResolved=Ref {0} can not be resolved
refUpdateReturnCodeWas=RefUpdate return code was: {0}
-reflogEntryNotFound=Entry {0} not found in reflog for ''{1}''
remoteConfigHasNoURIAssociated=Remote config "{0}" has no URIs associated
remoteDoesNotHaveSpec=Remote does not have {0} available for fetch.
remoteDoesNotSupportSmartHTTPPush=remote does not support smart HTTP push
@@ -396,8 +395,8 @@ repositoryState_rebaseInteractive=Rebase interactive
repositoryState_rebaseOrApplyMailbox=Rebase/Apply mailbox
repositoryState_rebaseWithMerge=Rebase w/merge
requiredHashFunctionNotAvailable=Required hash function {0} not available.
-resolvingDeltas=Resolving deltas
resettingHead=Resetting head to {0}
+resolvingDeltas=Resolving deltas
resultLengthIncorrect=result length incorrect
rewinding=Rewinding to commit {0}
searchForReuse=Finding sources
@@ -428,7 +427,6 @@ symlinkCannotBeWrittenAsTheLinkTarget=Symlink "{0}" cannot be written as the lin
systemConfigFileInvalid=Systen wide config file {0} is invalid {1}
tagNameInvalid=tag name {0} is invalid
tagOnRepoWithoutHEADCurrentlyNotSupported=Tag on repository without HEAD currently not supported
-tSizeMustBeGreaterOrEqual1=tSize must be >= 1
theFactoryMustNotBeNull=The factory must not be null
timerAlreadyTerminated=Timer already terminated
topologicalSortRequired=Topological sort required.
@@ -439,17 +437,19 @@ transportExceptionMissingAssumed=Missing assumed {0}
transportExceptionReadRef=read {0}
transportProtoAmazonS3=Amazon S3
transportProtoBundleFile=Git Bundle File
-transportProtoGitAnon=Anonymous Git
+transportProtoGitAnon=Anonymous Git
transportProtoLocal=Local Git Repository
treeEntryAlreadyExists=Tree entry "{0}" already exists.
treeIteratorDoesNotSupportRemove=TreeIterator does not support remove()
+treeWalkMustHaveExactlyTwoTrees=TreeWalk should have exactly two trees.
truncatedHunkLinesMissingForAncestor=Truncated hunk, at least {0} lines missing for ancestor {1}
truncatedHunkNewLinesMissing=Truncated hunk, at least {0} new lines is missing
truncatedHunkOldLinesMissing=Truncated hunk, at least {0} old lines is missing
+tSizeMustBeGreaterOrEqual1=tSize must be >= 1
unableToCheckConnectivity=Unable to check connectivity.
unableToStore=Unable to store {0}.
unableToWrite=Unable to write {0}
@@ -459,19 +459,19 @@ unexpectedEndOfConfigFile=Unexpected end of config file
unexpectedHunkTrailer=Unexpected hunk trailer
unexpectedOddResult=odd: {0} + {1} - {2}
unexpectedRefReport={0}: unexpected ref report: {1}
-unexpectedReportLine2={0} unexpected report line: {1}
unexpectedReportLine=unexpected report line: {0}
+unexpectedReportLine2={0} unexpected report line: {1}
unknownDIRCVersion=Unknown DIRC version {0}
unknownHost=unknown host
unknownIndexVersionOrCorruptIndex=Unknown index version (or corrupt index): {0}
unknownObject=unknown object
unknownObjectType=Unknown object type {0}.
-unknownRepositoryFormat2=Unknown repository format "{0}"; expected "0".
unknownRepositoryFormat=Unknown repository format
+unknownRepositoryFormat2=Unknown repository format "{0}"; expected "0".
unknownZlibError=Unknown zlib error.
-unpackException=Exception while parsing pack stream
unmergedPath=Unmerged path: {0}
unmergedPaths=Repository contains unmerged paths
+unpackException=Exception while parsing pack stream
unreadablePackIndex=Unreadable pack index: {0}
unrecognizedRef=Unrecognized ref: {0}
unsupportedCommand0=unsupported command 0
@@ -484,14 +484,16 @@ updatingReferences=Updating references
updatingRefFailed=Updating the ref {0} to {1} failed. ReturnCode from RefUpdate.update() was {2}
uriNotConfigured=Submodule URI not configured
uriNotFound={0} not found
+URINotSupported=URI not supported: {0}
+URLNotFound={0} not found
userConfigFileInvalid=User config file {0} invalid {1}
walkFailure=Walk failure.
wantNotValid=want {0} not valid
weeksAgo={0} weeks ago
windowSizeMustBeLesserThanLimit=Window size must be < limit
windowSizeMustBePowerOf2=Window size must be power of 2
-writeTimedOut=Write timed out
writerAlreadyInitialized=Writer already initialized
+writeTimedOut=Write timed out
writingNotPermitted=Writing not permitted
writingNotSupported=Writing {0} not supported.
writingObjects=Writing objects
@@ -499,8 +501,6 @@ wrongDecompressedLength=wrong decompressed length
wrongRepositoryState=Wrong Repository State: {0}
+years0MonthsAgo={0} {1} ago
yearsAgo={0} years ago
yearsMonthsAgo={0} {1}, {2} {3} ago
-years0MonthsAgo={0} {1} ago
-treeWalkMustHaveExactlyTwoTrees=TreeWalk should have exactly two trees.
-cannotBeRecursiveWhenTreesAreIncluded=TreeWalk shouldn't be recursive when tree objects are included.

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