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authorShawn Pearce2015-09-14 19:18:20 +0000
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UploadPack: Verify clients send only commits for shallow lines
If a client mistakenly tries to send a tag object as a shallow line JGit blindly assumes this is a commit and tries to parse the tag buffer using the commit parser. This can cause an obtuse error like: InvalidObjectIdException: Invalid id: t c0ff331234... The "t" comes from the "object c0ff331234..." line of the tag tring to be parsed as though it where the "tree" line of a commit. Run any client supplied shallow lines through the RevWalk to lookup the object types. Fail fast with a protocol exception if any of them are non-commit. Skip objects not known to this repository. This matches behavior with git-core's upload-pack, which sliently skips over any shallow line object named by the client but not known by the server. Change-Id: Ic6c57a90a42813164ce65c2244705fc42e84d700
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