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authorDavid Ostrovsky2015-12-04 02:27:57 -0500
committerShawn Pearce2015-12-31 13:08:55 -0500
commit13502fef8f4814c6c5bdfa63674c94f9d32b5531 (patch)
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parent2fbd98dbe8e56aafe4bbf4252b5734c762fb225f (diff)
Implement Buck driven build
Today there are plenty of modern build tool systems available in the wild (in no particular order): * * * * * The attributes, that all these build tools have in common, are: * reliable * correct * very fast * reproducible It must not always be the other build tool, this project is currently using. Or, quoting Gerrit Code Review maintainer here: "Friends, don't let friends use <the other build tool system>!" This change is non-complete implementation of JGit build in Buck, needed by Gerrit Code Review to replace its dependency with standlone JGit cell. This is very useful when a developer is working on both projects and is trying to integrate changes made in JGit in Gerrit. The supported workflow is: $ cd jgit $ emacs <hack> $ cd ../gerrit $ buck build --config repositories.jgit=../jgit gerrit With --config repositories.jgit=../jgit jgit cell is routed through JGit development tree. To build jgit, issue: $ buck build //:jgit [-] PROCESSING BUCK FILES...FINISHED 0,0s Yes, you can't measure no-op build time, given that Buck daemon is used. Change-Id: I301a71b19fba35a5093d8cc64d4ba970c2877a44 Signed-off-by: David Ostrovsky <>
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