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Extend introduction, update links and remove outdated information. Change-Id: I29f4d72c980008b6bebe3b009d58c915cd091b9d Signed-off-by: Matthias Sohn <>
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Java Git
+An implementation of the Git version control system in pure Java.
This package is licensed under the EDL (Eclipse Distribution
-- org.eclipse.jgit/
+- org.eclipse.jgit
A pure Java library capable of being run standalone, with no
- additional support libraries. Some JUnit tests are provided
- to exercise the library. The library provides functions to
- read and write a Git formatted repository.
+ additional support libraries. It provides classes to read and
+ write a Git repository and operate on a working directory.
All portions of jgit are covered by the EDL. Absolutely no GPL,
LGPL or EPL contributions are accepted within this package.
-- org.eclipse.jgit.test/
+- org.eclipse.jgit.ant
+ Ant tasks based on JGit.
+- org.eclipse.jgit.http.server
+ Server for the smart and dumb Git HTTP protocol.
+- org.eclipse.jgit.pgm
+ Command-line interface Git commands implemented using JGit
+ ("pgm" stands for program).
+- org.eclipse.jgit.test
Unit tests for org.eclipse.jgit and the same licensing rules.
@@ -100,49 +114,34 @@ Package Features
Missing Features
-There are a lot of missing features. You need the real Git for this.
-For some operations it may just be the preferred solution also. There
-are not just a command line, there is e.g. git-gui that makes committing
-partial files simple.
-- Merging.
-- Repacking.
-- Generate a GIT format patch.
-- Apply a GIT format patch.
-- Documentation. :-)
+There are some missing features:
- gitattributes support
- In particular CRLF conversion is not implemented. Files are treated
- as byte sequences.
-- submodule support
- Submodules are not supported or even recognized.
+- Recursive merge strategy
- Post question, comments or patches to the mailing list.
+Post question, comments or patches to the mailing list.
+You need to be subscribed to post, see here:
- See SUBMITTING_PATCHES in this directory. However, feedback and bug reports
- are also contributions.
+See the EGit Contributor Guide:
About Git
-More information about GIT, its repository format, and the canonical
-C based implementation can be obtained from the GIT websites:
+More information about Git, its repository format, and the canonical
+C based implementation can be obtained from the Git website:

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