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It contained outdated information about attaching patches to bug reports. Shorten it to the essentials. Also format it using markdown and rename it to, which is a convention and doesn't include "patches" in the name. Change-Id: I9ee73f16e6fa8fbf529ac0ca791e2375d4d56d68 Signed-off-by: Robin Stocker <>
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+Please refer to the contributor guide for all the details:
+Reporting bugs
+For anything other than small changes, it's a good idea to open a bug
+report for it (in case one doesn't already exist). This gives others the
+chance to give input and is useful for tracking. Create one here:
+Submitting changes
+We use Gerrit to review all changes by committers or contributors before
+they are merged:
+Make sure you have an account and have set up the `commit-msg` hook
+before committing.
+When committing your changes, see the contributor guide or other commits
+on what your commit message should include.
+Run the following to push your change for review (with `username`
+replaced by your Gerrit username):
+ git push ssh:// HEAD:refs/for/master
+Add the link to the review as a comment on the bug report, so that
+people coming from the bug report can find it.
+Then wait for someone to review your change. If there is something to be
+corrected, amend your commit and push it again.
+Have fun :).

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