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authorShawn O. Pearce2011-11-17 19:23:18 +0000
committerShawn O. Pearce2011-11-18 23:55:52 +0000
commit60e51251db0b703db8374a9470fa035dc0f811f9 (patch)
parent1421106d7627eb2c55b97b70d105b5ba1e26a2c0 (diff)
Do not write edge objects to the pack stream
Consider two objects A->B where A uses B as a delta base, and these are in the same source pack file ordered as "A B". If cached packs is enabled and B is also in the cached pack that will be appended onto the end of the thin pack, and both A, B are supposed to be in the thin pack, PackWriter must consider the fact that A's base B is an edge object that claims to be part of the new pack, but is actually "external" and cannot be written first. If the object reuse system considered B candidates fist this bug does not arise, as B will be marked as edge due to it existing in the cached pack. When the A candidates are later examined, A sees a valid delta base is available as an edge, and will not later try to "write base first" during the writing phase. However, when the reuse system considers A candidates first they see that B will be in the outgoing pack, as it is still part of the thin pack, and arrange for A to be written first. Later when A switches from being in-pack to being an edge object (as it is part of the cached pack) the pointer in B does not get its type changed from ObjectToPack to ObjectId, so B thinks A is non-edge. We work around this case by also checking that the delta base B is non-edge before writing the object to the pack. Later when A writes its object header, delta base B's ObjectToPack will have an offset == 0, which makes isWritten() = false, and the OBJ_REF delta format will be used for A's header. This will be resolved by the client to the copy of B that appears in the later cached pack. Change-Id: Ifab6bfdf3c0aa93649468f49bcf91d67f90362ca
1 files changed, 3 insertions, 3 deletions
diff --git a/org.eclipse.jgit/src/org/eclipse/jgit/storage/pack/ b/org.eclipse.jgit/src/org/eclipse/jgit/storage/pack/
index 2d4279ebc2..a7db92aa01 100644
--- a/org.eclipse.jgit/src/org/eclipse/jgit/storage/pack/
+++ b/org.eclipse.jgit/src/org/eclipse/jgit/storage/pack/
@@ -1396,10 +1396,10 @@ public class PackWriter {
- private void writeBase(PackOutputStream out, ObjectToPack baseInPack)
+ private void writeBase(PackOutputStream out, ObjectToPack base)
throws IOException {
- if (baseInPack != null && !baseInPack.isWritten())
- writeObjectImpl(out, baseInPack);
+ if (base != null && !base.isWritten() && !base.isEdge())
+ writeObjectImpl(out, base);
private void writeWholeObjectDeflate(PackOutputStream out,

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