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BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterAdd aarch64 environment to target platform configurationMatthias Sohn4 days
nextMerge branch 'master' into nextMatthias Sohn6 months
stable-5.10Merge branch 'stable-5.9' into stable-5.10Matthias Sohn4 weeks
stable-5.11Merge branch 'stable-5.10' into stable-5.11Matthias Sohn4 weeks
stable-5.12Merge branch 'stable-5.11' into stable-5.12Matthias Sohn4 weeks
stable-5.13UploadPack: don't prematurely terminate timer in case of errorMatthias Sohn6 days
stable-5.9Fix connection leak for smart http connectionsSaša Živkov4 weeks
stable-6.0Merge branch 'stable-5.13' into stable-6.0Matthias Sohn3 weeks
stable-6.1Merge branch 'stable-6.0' into stable-6.1Matthias Sohn3 weeks
stable-6.2Merge branch 'stable-6.1' into stable-6.2Matthias Sohn3 weeks
v5.13.1.202206130422-rjgit-  jgit-  Matthias Sohn3 weeks
v6.2.0.202206071550-rjgit-  jgit-  Matthias Sohn4 weeks
v6.2.0.202206011217-rc1jgit-  jgit-  Matthias Sohn5 weeks
v6.2.0.202205251150-m3jgit-  jgit-  Matthias Sohn6 weeks
v6.2.0.202205041315-m2jgit-  jgit-  Matthias Sohn2 months
v6.1.0.202203080745-rjgit-  jgit-  Matthias Sohn4 months
v6.1.0.202203021511-rc1jgit-  jgit-  Matthias Sohn4 months
v6.1.0.202202221755-m3jgit-  jgit-  Matthias Sohn4 months
v6.0.0.202111291000-rjgit-  jgit-  Matthias Sohn7 months
v6.0.0.202111241155-rc1jgit-  jgit-  Matthias Sohn7 months
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
2019-05-22JGit v5.4.0.201905221418-m3v5.4.0.201905221418-m3Matthias Sohn72-103/+103
2019-05-22Merge branch 'master' into stable-5.4Matthias Sohn112-1242/+1675
2019-05-22ReachabilityCheckers: @since 5.4Ivan Frade3-3/+3
2019-05-22Update Orbit to S20190521195709 for 2019-06 M3Matthias Sohn15-83/+104
2019-05-22Tune max heap size for testsMatthias Sohn8-8/+8
2019-05-21GPG: check that the key found is a signing keyThomas Wolf3-0/+10
2019-05-21GPG: use key fingerprint suffix to compare id for signing keyThomas Wolf1-5/+6
2019-05-21Merge "Recognize ReachabilityCheckerTestCase as helper"Jonathan Nieder1-0/+1
2019-05-21Recognize ReachabilityCheckerTestCase as helperJonathan Tan1-0/+1
2019-05-20UploadPack: restore inadvertently deleted lineJonathan Tan1-0/+1

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