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2014-11-07Making embedded examples more consistent.Joakim Erdfelt32-867/+1145
+ appearance (similar syntax on all examples) + declarations (if a variable is used, use it consistently across all of the examples) + line wrap at 80 columns (so that examples make sense when copy/pasted around for discussion. like github) + updating javadoc comments to be consistent
2014-11-07450484 - Missing parameterization of etc/jetty-http[s].xml.Simone Bordet2-0/+2
2014-11-07450483 - Missing parameterization of etc/jetty-deploy.xml.Simone Bordet1-2/+2
2014-11-07Merge branch 'jetty-9.2.x' into pr/23Greg Wilkins9-35/+266
2014-11-07Added backward compatibility to Bash versions prior to version 3.1. The += ↵Greg Wilkins1-5/+5
notation is supported since Bash 3.1, but Jetty is deployed in evironments where it is impossible to upgrade Bash. This commit replace the += notation by a more portable notation. Also-by: Louis-Félix Tessier <> Signed-off-by: Greg Wilkins <>
2014-11-07Added extra debug to jetty osgi; added proper manifest to test-webapp-fragmentJan Bartel3-7/+57
2014-11-07fixed asyncgzipfilter testsGreg Wilkins4-38/+40
2014-11-06Demonstration of Async with GZipJoakim Erdfelt3-1/+186
2014-11-06Minor cleanupJoakim Erdfelt3-23/+17
2014-11-05Adding overall test timeoutJoakim Erdfelt1-3/+3
2014-11-05improved javadocGreg Wilkins3-17/+89
2014-11-05449811 handle unquoted etags when gzippingGreg Wilkins1-2/+3
2014-11-05449811 handle unquoted etags when gzippingGreg Wilkins1-1/+6
2014-11-04449594 Handle ArrayTrie overflow with false returnGreg Wilkins2-2/+27
2014-11-04448446 - org.eclipse.jetty.start.Main create classloader duplicateJoakim Erdfelt1-6/+3
+ Reuse ClassLoader instead.
2014-11-03[maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iterationJesse McConnell98-99/+99
2014-11-03[maven-release-plugin] prepare release jetty-9.2.4.v20141103jetty-9.2.4.v20141103Jesse McConnell98-99/+99
2014-11-03set for releaseJesse McConnell1-1/+84
2014-11-03set for fixJesse McConnell1-80/+1
2014-11-03449291 - --create-files downloads without licenseJoakim Erdfelt198-96/+1894
+ Adding dist-home replicationa real distribution Adding to help rebuild this dist-home occasionally. There is no need to keep this directory up to date as religiously and frequently as the main distribution. + Adding to test various licensing scenarios + Added ability to ask for license via --create-files flows
2014-11-03Removing support for module [ini-template] use of --module=<name>Joakim Erdfelt1-21/+1
+ That form of use is not recommended during --add-to-start + Should encourage use of [depend] section instead
2014-11-03449003 - WARNING: Cannot enable requested module [protonego-impl]: not a ↵Joakim Erdfelt3-12/+17
valid module name + Making protonego-impl/(npn|alpn).mod not contain default configuration
2014-11-03449603 - OutputStreamContentProvider hangs when host is not available.Simone Bordet5-28/+231
Fixed by having HttpRequest.abort() to fail the ContentProvider. In this way, the ContentProvider knows, even before being used to send the request content, that the request has failed, and may forward the failure to the client code.
2014-11-03Removed unused code.Simone Bordet1-15/+1
2014-10-31[maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iterationJesse McConnell98-99/+99
2014-10-31[maven-release-plugin] prepare release jetty-9.2.4.v20141031Jesse McConnell98-99/+99
2014-10-31set for releaseJesse McConnell1-1/+2
2014-10-31449372 Make jvmArgs of jetty:run-forked configurable from command lineJan Bartel1-1/+1
2014-10-30[maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iterationJesse McConnell98-99/+99
2014-10-30[maven-release-plugin] prepare release jetty-9.2.4.v20141030Jesse McConnell98-99/+99
2014-10-30set for releaseJesse McConnell1-1/+8
2014-10-30449175 Removed extra space in NCSA logGreg Wilkins1-1/+1
2014-10-30448841 Clarified selectors==0 javadocGreg Wilkins2-6/+6
448840 Clarified ServerConnector javadoc 448839 Fixed javadoc typo in ServerConnector
2014-10-30443550 improved FileResource encoded alias checkingGreg Wilkins1-5/+0
removed extra debug
2014-10-30443550 improved FileResource encoded alias checkingGreg Wilkins3-5/+44
2014-10-30448225 Removed unnecessary synchronize on initParserGreg Wilkins1-1/+1
2014-10-30444722 Fixed order of setReuseAddress callGreg Wilkins1-1/+1
2014-10-29440925 - NPE when using relative paths for --start-log-fileJoakim Erdfelt1-0/+1
2014-10-29Enabling cdi.mod in distributionJoakim Erdfelt1-1/+1
2014-10-29Simplifying warning messageJoakim Erdfelt1-5/+2
2014-10-29Reworking jetty.home warning to be a module instead.Joakim Erdfelt8-92/+132
+ This will cause it to be logged using the configured logger as well.
2014-10-29Removing 2 second sleepJoakim Erdfelt1-13/+0
2014-10-28[maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iterationJesse McConnell98-99/+99
2014-10-28[maven-release-plugin] prepare release jetty-9.2.4.v20141028Jesse McConnell98-99/+99
2014-10-28set for releaseJesse McConnell1-3/+4
2014-10-28Disabling jetty-cdi from distribution (for now)Joakim Erdfelt1-1/+1
2014-10-28449001 - Remove start.d directory from JETTY_HOMEJoakim Erdfelt6-26/+77
+ Reworking warning to be optional but still start Jetty also. + Leaving start.d out of {jetty.home} still.
2014-10-28Code cleanup (post-merge)Joakim Erdfelt1-34/+45
2014-10-28Cleaning up cdi deployment bindingJoakim Erdfelt1-17/+1
2014-10-28Merge branch 'jetty-9.2.x' into cdi-testingJoakim Erdfelt14-92/+175

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