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2012-07-18Fixing aggregate message echo testPRE-MERGE-20120719-1138Joakim Erdfelt3-6/+3
2012-07-18Fixing bad generator.generate() assumptions on output bytebuffer stateJoakim Erdfelt4-11/+3
2012-07-18Fixing invalid statuscode error that shouldn't be thrown on no-status codeJoakim Erdfelt1-1/+2
2012-07-18No longer need to flip output of Generator.generate()Joakim Erdfelt1-2/+0
2012-07-18Fixing expectations in unit testsJoakim Erdfelt6-55/+0
2012-07-18Forcefully making jetty-io compile (and letting sbordet fix it later)Joakim Erdfelt2-1/+13
2012-07-18Merge branch 'jetty-9' of ssh:// McConnell26-443/+627
2012-07-18Merge branch 'jetty-9' of ssh:// Erdfelt14-235/+169
2012-07-18Adding test of windows generator with maskingJoakim Erdfelt1-0/+69
2012-07-18Making Generator and WebSocketFrame collaborate to allow for windowed buffer ...Joakim Erdfelt5-121/+196
2012-07-18Making use of ByteBuffer.wrap() insteadJoakim Erdfelt1-17/+8
2012-07-18Jetty9 - Implemented abstract methods on SelectorManager that were always imp...Simone Bordet14-235/+169
2012-07-18Adding BufferUtil.toBuffer(byte[]) and .toBuffer(byte[], int, int) with testsJoakim Erdfelt2-0/+77
2012-07-18Moving tests into jetty-util/src/test/java/org/eclipse/jetty/util/BufferUtilT...Joakim Erdfelt2-56/+40
2012-07-18Merge branch 'jetty-9' of ssh:// Erdfelt2-31/+31
2012-07-18Adding testcase for windowed GeneratorJoakim Erdfelt1-0/+43
2012-07-18Coming to grips with windowed writeJoakim Erdfelt2-2/+13
2012-07-18comments on the generate() methodJesse McConnell1-0/+7
2012-07-18jetty9 - fixed NPE in XML tests.Simone Bordet2-31/+31
2012-07-17Fixing mid-message ping/pong supportJoakim Erdfelt5-17/+29
2012-07-17Working out some fallout of the Session splitJoakim Erdfelt8-37/+95
2012-07-17Fixing expectations of internal impl now that WebSocketSession existsJoakim Erdfelt3-6/+40
2012-07-17Wiring up extension chain on server sideJoakim Erdfelt7-60/+128
2012-07-16Adding test suite for quick testingJoakim Erdfelt2-0/+36
2012-07-16Splitting out new WebSocketSession from WebSocketAsyncConnection to better su...Joakim Erdfelt13-205/+177
2012-07-16Fixing typo [1]Joakim Erdfelt2-3/+3
2012-07-16Adding diagrams to javadoc about communications stack (and extensions)Joakim Erdfelt8-0/+2079
2012-07-16Adding copy constructorJoakim Erdfelt1-5/+34
2012-07-16Merge branch 'jetty-9' of ssh:// Erdfelt30-1714/+761
2012-07-16Support reponse forbidden betterJoakim Erdfelt2-3/+9
2012-07-16jetty-9 progress on jetty-servlets test harnessesGreg Wilkins7-175/+170
2012-07-13Merge branch 'jetty-9' of ssh:// Wilkins37-444/+635
2012-07-13jetty-9 progress on more unit testsGreg Wilkins28-1647/+729
2012-07-12Fixing NPEJoakim Erdfelt1-6/+13
2012-07-12Introducing IncomingFrames and OutgoingFrames interfaces for everything to us...Joakim Erdfelt38-445/+659
2012-07-11Removing discouraged form of Generator constructorJoakim Erdfelt1-12/+0
2012-07-11Adding more TODOsJoakim Erdfelt1-1/+2
2012-07-11Moving Parser and Generator into .protocol. packageJoakim Erdfelt31-54/+52
2012-07-11Fixing license headersJoakim Erdfelt38-135/+551
2012-07-11Fixing license headersJoakim Erdfelt99-482/+1445
2012-07-11Fixing build issueJoakim Erdfelt1-1/+1
2012-07-11Starting to piece together the ExtensionsJoakim Erdfelt28-161/+583
2012-07-11Making BlockHeadClient timeouts more saneJoakim Erdfelt2-5/+4
2012-07-11Attempting to get timeouts workingJoakim Erdfelt2-3/+15
2012-07-11Fixing fill interestedJoakim Erdfelt1-2/+1
2012-07-10Adding support to detect bad UTF-8 text messageJoakim Erdfelt2-2/+25
2012-07-10Fixing WebSocketAsyncConnection.write() of byte[] arraysJoakim Erdfelt3-4/+3
2012-07-10Merge branch 'jetty-9' of ssh:// Erdfelt1-5/+6
2012-07-10Fixing some server testsJoakim Erdfelt4-4/+16
2012-07-10come back from parseFrame in order to notifyJesse McConnell1-5/+6

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