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@@ -3,88 +3,61 @@ JETTY
The Jetty project is a 100% Java HTTP Server, HTTP Client
-and Servlet Container. The core project is hosted by
-the Eclipse Foundation at
+and Servlet Container.
-The jetty integrations with 3rd party modules are hosted
-by the Codehaus at
+The Jetty @ eclipse project is based on the Jetty project at codehaus
+Ongoing development is now at the eclipse foundation
-This is the jetty-distribution module from Jetty @ eclipse
-project and is based on the Jetty modules from eclipse plus
-dependencies that have been through the eclipse IP
-process and conditioning.
-This distribution and its dependencies are provided under
-the terms and conditions of the Eclipse Foundation Software
-User Agreement unless otherwise specified.
-This distribution contains only the core functionality
-of a servlet server and the HTTP client.
+Jetty @ eclipse is open source and is dual licensed using the apache 2.0 and
+eclipse public license 1.0. You may choose either license when distributing
-Some modules (eg annotations) are missing dependencies
-which may be discovered by using the command
- mvn dependency:tree
-within the source module and placing them in the
-lib/ext directory. Alternately we recommend the jetty-hightide
-distribution for users that desire more third party integrations.
-The Jetty-hightide distribution is available for
-download via and contains
-the core jetty modules, plus the 3rd party dependencies
-and integrations needed to create a full featured
-application server.
+Jetty uses maven 2 as its build system. Maven will fetch
+the dependancies, build the server and assemble a runnable
+ mvn install
-All Jetty artifacts are available as maven dependencies
-under the org.eclipse.jetty and org.mortbay.hightide group IDs
-The run directory is either the top-level of a distribution
-or jetty-distribution/target/distribution directory when built from
+The run directory is either the top-level of a binary release
+or jetty-distribution/target/assembly-prep directory when built from
To run with the default options:
java -jar start.jar
-To run with specific configuration file(s)
- java -jar start.jar etc/jetty.xml
-To see the available options
+To see the available options and the default arguments
+provided by the start.ini file:
java -jar start.jar --help
-To run with JSP support (if available)
+To run with add configuration file(s), eg SSL
- java -jar start.jar OPTIONS=Server,jsp
+ java -jar start.jar etc/jetty-ssl.xml
-To run with JMX support
+To run without the args from start.ini
- java -jar start.jar OPTIONS=Server,jmx etc/jetty-jmx.xml etc/jetty.xml
+ java -jar start.jar --ini OPTIONS=Server,websocket etc/jetty.xml etc/jetty-deploy.xml etc/jetty-ssl.xml
-To run with JSP & JMX support
+To run with JNDI support
- java -jar start.jar OPTIONS=Server,jsp,jmx etc/jetty-jmx.xml etc/jetty.xml
+ java -jar start.jar OPTIONS=Server,jsp

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