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 Jetty Web Container 
 Copyright 1995-2009 Mort Bay Consulting Pty Ltd

The Jetty Web Container is Copyright Mort Bay Consulting Pty Ltd
unless otherwise noted. It is dual licensed under the apache 2.0
license and eclipse 1.0 license. Jetty may be distributed under
either license.

The javax.servlet package used was sourced from the Apache
Software Foundation and is distributed under the apache 2.0

The code implements the one way cryptography used by
Unix systems for simple password protection.  Copyright 1996 Aki Yoshida,
modified April 2001  by Iris Van den Broeke, Daniel Deville.
Permission to use, copy, modify and distribute UnixCrypt 
for non-commercial or commercial purposes and without fee is
granted provided that the copyright notice appears in all copies.

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