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Contributing to Jetty
Thanks for your interest in this project.

Project description
Jetty is a lightweight highly scalable java based web server and servlet engine.
Our goal is to support web protocols like HTTP, HTTP/2, and WebSocket in a high
volume low latency way that provides maximum performance while retaining the ease
of use and compatibility with years of servlet development.
Jetty is a modern fully async web server that has a long history as a component
oriented technology easily embedded into applications while still offering a solid
traditional distribution for webapp deployment.

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Developer resources
Information regarding source code management, builds, coding standards, and more.

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The canonical Jetty git repository is located at and we are unable
to directly merge pull requests into the GitHub mirrored repository.
Providing you have completed the contributors agreement mentioned below we will
endeavor to pull your commit into Jetty proper.

Contributor License Agreement
Before your contribution can be accepted by the project, you need to create and electronically sign the
Eclipse Foundation [Contributor License Agreement]( (CLA):

1. Log in to the [Eclipse projects forge]( You will need to
   create an account with the Eclipse Foundation if you have not already done so.
2. Click on "Contributor License Agreement", and complete the form.

Be sure to use the same email address in your Eclipse account that you intend to use when you commit to Git.

Contact the project developers via the project's "dev" list.

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Search for bugs
This project uses Bugzilla to track ongoing development and issues.

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Create a new bug
Be sure to search for existing bugs before you create another one. Remember that contributions are always welcome!

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