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2010-02-19[303249] Unable to add reference to a java project from a Web Projectcanderson1-0/+12
2010-02-18[303133] javaee prop sheet replacementcbridgha5-0/+324
2010-02-11[272014] Define facet and facet version for web fragmentscanderson8-1/+421
2010-02-02[Bug 264807] typo in method name fixedrstryker1-1/+1
2010-01-26[300878] Add keyboard mnemonics to Java EE facet pageskraev1-2/+2
2010-01-25[198937] [300465] [300466] [300697] Add keyboard mnemonicskraev11-54/+65
2010-01-15[299800] NLS unused message warning for contextRootLabelInvalid and contentDi...jsholl1-2/+0
2009-10-13[nobug] porting off deprecated J2EEProjectUtilities methodsjsholl1-9/+9
2009-09-28[252613] Define facet versions for the Java EE 6 projectskraev3-6/+8
2009-07-09[nobug] replace e.printStackTrace() with appropriate plugin loggingjsholl2-1/+25
2009-06-09[279627] Tighten compiler and move up to Java 1.5jsholl6-50/+54
2009-06-09[279627] Tighten compiler and move up to Java 1.5jsholl2-62/+53
2009-06-09[279627] Tighten compiler and move up to Java 1.5jsholl4-29/+20
2009-06-09[279627] Tighten compiler and move up to Java 1.5jsholl22-5/+91
2009-06-09[279627] fix compiler errors after moving to 3.5jsholl1-3/+1
2009-02-19[238770] Creating a Servlet from an existing Servlet class or JSP filekraev4-193/+281
2009-02-18[238771] Creating a Filter from a Servlet class or JSP filekraev3-25/+255
2009-02-16[265013] Better layout for Web Module facet pagekraev1-3/+6
2009-02-16[264992] Make "Generate deployment descriptor" checkbox customizablekraev1-1/+2
2009-02-02[263221] revert Java EE 6 facetskraev3-8/+6
2009-01-13[252613] Java EE 6 facets addedkraev3-6/+8
2008-10-20[244612] servlet, filter, and listener wizards not requiring a web dd for Web...canderson1-0/+25
2008-10-16[249645] Need to make org.eclipse.jst.servlet.ui.internal.actions.ConvertToWe...canderson1-60/+10
2008-10-09[250025] Incorrect capitalization of group labels in WTP project wizardkkomissarchik1-4/+4
2008-09-30[237099] allow 2.5cbridgha1-1/+1
2008-09-03[245639] fixing opening of JSP servlet in editorkraev1-1/+2
2008-07-24[116469] [UI] Java facet needs install page for source and output dir configkkomissarchik2-14/+0
2008-07-17[241140] Converting static to dynamic web project can create an empty WebCont...canderson1-1/+15
2008-05-15[216544] Package folder and source files disappear from Project Exprlorer viewcanderson1-4/+9
2008-05-13[225375] fix showing warning message on duplicate servlet namekraev2-0/+12
2008-05-13[228100] adds OPEN_IN_EDITOR data model property which determines whether the...kraev1-11/+14
2008-04-15[226583] fix initialization of the project field in the servlet wizardskraev3-1/+22
2008-03-25[205330] unifying the code of all Java EE artifact wizardskraev18-194/+329
2008-03-05[218956] polishes the EJB bean wizards UIkraev3-2/+5
2008-03-03[219996] Consolidate java facet and standard.jre component code in...kkomissarchik1-1/+9
2008-02-21[210140] Java EE Facet Wizard Changeskkomissarchik2-1/+30
2008-02-20[214360] check whether the added interface already exists in the list.kraev2-23/+37
2008-02-20[219377] Unused imports in Java EE pluginscanderson6-16/+2
2008-02-19[218320] fix enable state of checkboxeskraev3-56/+5
2008-02-04[216734] Infopops for Filter and Listener wizardskraev3-6/+15
2008-01-29[181536] javax.servlet.Servlet interface is not implemented in the generated ...kraev5-17/+38
2008-01-29[216583] fixed problem with missed xdoclet checkboxkraev1-6/+7
2008-01-22[205330] unifying the code of the Servlet, Filter and Listener wizards.kraev18-845/+566
2007-12-17[127567] fix to not wipe entries out when clicking on "use existing class" op...kraev5-14/+4
2007-12-11[210531] fix label and title names in the New Servlet and New Filter wizardskraev4-10/+47
2007-12-04[209329] Third page is added to the Filter wizard. The "Constructors from Sup...kraev5-248/+353
2007-11-27[211071] xdoclet support for Filter and Listener wizardskraev4-39/+86
2007-11-26[208766] Add third page in the Listener wizardkraev4-47/+296
2007-11-26[209206] Add/Edit Filter Mapping dialog gives choice of the registered servletskraev3-296/+231
2007-11-10[209268] The add to ear option on project creation is not working.kkomissarchik1-4/+16

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