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2013-11-12Fixed Bug 421156 - [1.8] APT should support 'default' modifier Jayaprakash Arthanareeswaran3-1/+39
2013-11-12Bug 416912: Configuration for tycho-surefire-pluginMickael Istria1-2/+8
2013-11-12Bug 416740: Avoid using nested jarsMickael Istria2-7/+9
2013-11-12Bug 419811: Restore a necessary nested jar in testMickael Istria2-2/+14
2013-11-12Bug 416740: Avoid using nested jarsMickael Istria2-9/+5
2013-11-11Fixed Bug 421473 - [1.8][compiler] Delayed assignment of declaring ssankaran5-9/+97
2013-11-11Bug 418920 - [1.8] Failing tests with JRE8Shankha Banerjee4-13/+29
2013-10-29Fixed Bug 420482 - [1.8] ExecutableTypeImpl#getParameterTypes() does ssankaran3-0/+15
2013-10-21[1.8] AnnotationBinding should define hashCode and equals.ssankaran4-0/+36
2013-10-21[1.8] Inherited annotations are not returned by Element.getAnnotationsssankaran6-0/+99
2013-10-19[1.8] Ensure correct order of annotations while unpacking containers.ssankaran1-0/+0
2013-10-18[1.8] Fixed to return container annotation where required andJayaprakash Arthanareeswaran3-0/+20
2013-10-17First batch of fixes for Bug 419664 - [1.8] A couple of issues withJayaprakash Arthanareeswaran2-2/+6
2013-10-16Fix for bug 419479 - [1.8] POM version tool failures in BETA_JAVA8Jayaprakash Arthanareeswaran1-1/+1
2013-10-11[1.8] Adding Java8ElementsTests to RunAllJava8TestsJayaprakash Arthanareeswaran1-2/+8
2013-10-10Fixed Bug 418000 - [1.8][compiler] Support language model API forssankaran16-90/+406
2013-10-09Incorporation of review comments for Bug 413613 - [1.8] APT shouldJayaprakash Arthanareeswaran8-15/+219
2013-10-08Fix for Bug 415943 - Set 'code.ignoredWarnings' for test bundles inDani Megert1-2/+3
2013-10-08Disable javac tests where the reference compiler behavior is buggy.ssankaran2-3/+3
2013-10-08[1.8] Update the jar with the processors to include the Java8 testsJayaprakash Arthanareeswaran1-0/+0
2013-10-08Fixed Bug 413613 - [1.8] APT should support SE8 annotationsJayaprakash Arthanareeswaran12-2/+1022
2013-08-29Adjusting the version in pom and MANIFEST to reflect R4_3_maintenanceJayaprakash Arthanareeswaran1-1/+1
2013-08-22Bug 411161 - Update parent POMs for LunaPaul Webster1-1/+1
2013-04-04Bug 404169: deprecation warnings in compiler.apt.tests project onJayaprakash Arthanareeswaran1-10/+8
2013-04-03Fix for bug 403958 - Update JDT core parent versionJayaprakash Arthanareeswaran1-5/+2
2013-04-03Bug 397850: [CBI] use the correct group IDs for all artifactsDani Megert1-1/+1
2013-04-03Fixing the group ID to be consistent with other pom.xmlJayaprakash Arthanareeswaran1-1/+1
2013-04-03Fixing copyrightsJayaprakash Arthanareeswaran1-1/+1
2013-04-03Fix for bug 397850 - [CBI] use the correct group IDs for all artifactsJayaprakash Arthanareeswaran1-1/+1
2013-02-05master - Fix for bug 396084: updating the manifest and pom.xmlJayaprakash Arthanareeswaran1-1/+1
2012-11-15Fix for bug 381134 - Updating bundle versionsJayaprakash Arthanareeswaran1-1/+1
2012-11-15Fix for bug 381134 - Mixed line delimiters inJayaprakash Arthanareeswaran1-1/+2
2012-05-23Fixed bug 379726: Include Eclipse-BundleShape in test plugin MANIFEST.MFv20120523-1238Ayushman Jain1-0/+1
2012-05-22Add poms for Tycho buildIgor Fedorenko1-0/+57
2012-05-16Fix copyrightsv20120516-0617Jayaprakash Arthanareeswaran1-1/+1
2012-05-14Fix for bug 379078: Fixed the warnings for switch on 'enum"v20120514-0438Satyam Kandula3-3/+12
2012-04-16Master: Fixed a resource leak warning - 376837v20120416-0544Satyam Kandula1-3/+10
2012-03-22Fix for 374538: Fix compilation of org.eclipse.jdt.compiler.apt.tests onv20120322-1007Alexander Kurtakov1-3/+4
2011-10-04HEAD - Fixed bug 359831: Fix messages for "new warning for missingOlivier Thomann1-2/+2
2011-09-28HEAD - Set local .gitignore and project specific settings for lineoliviert2-0/+3
2011-09-28HEAD - Remove .cvsignore filesoliviert1-3/+0
2011-05-09HEAD - Fixed bug 328575: Inheritance of annotation fails with generic classesOlivier Thomann10-3/+403
2011-04-21HEAD - Fixed bug 342598: Inconsistent handling of error typesv20110421-1045Olivier Thomann1-0/+0
2011-04-21HEAD - Fixed bug 342598: Inconsistent handling of error typesOlivier Thomann2-2/+2
2011-04-21HEAD - Fix getConstantExpression(..) for byte and short valuesOlivier Thomann1-0/+3
2011-04-21HEAD - Fixed bug 342598: Inconsistent handling of error typesOlivier Thomann2-50/+101
2011-04-15HEAD - Fixed bug 342936: NPEs and inconsistencies when running jdt.compiler.t...v20110419-0930Olivier Thomann8-132/+107
2011-04-11HEAD - Fixed bug 342470: javax.lang.model.element.Element.getEnclosingElement...v20110411-1630Olivier Thomann1-1/+1
2011-04-11HEAD - Fixed bug 342470: javax.lang.model.element.Element.getEnclosingElement...Olivier Thomann2-1/+12
2011-03-31HEAD - Fixed bug 341394: Remove 'Unavailable' JMX attributes of WebAppContext...v20110331-1100Olivier Thomann3-3/+63

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