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2018-12-17Bug 531714 - switch expression - re-enabling the enable-preview flagY20190102-2200Y20181226-2200Y20181219-2200manoj_switch_expr_531714Manoj Palat5-9/+136
2018-12-17Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/BETA_JAVA_12' into manoj_switch_expr_531714Manoj Palat19-2028/+3089
2018-12-17Revert "Bug 531714 Fixing compiler invocation tests"Manoj Palat3-42/+2
2018-12-17Bug 531714 Fixing compiler invocation testsManoj Palat3-2/+42
2018-12-14Bug 531714 - Fixing scoping, copyright and print issues in switchManoj Palat2-9/+16
2018-12-14Bug 542654: [12] API in JavaCore to set --enable-previewjay8-9/+82
2018-12-12Revert "Bug 531714 - Switch Expressions - Enabling Preview check addition pos...Manoj Palat5-136/+9
2018-12-08Bug 531714 - fixing CIT test failuresY20181212-2200Manoj Palat1-2009/+2954
2018-12-08Bug 531714 - Switch Expressions - Enabling Preview check additionManoj Palat5-9/+136
2018-12-08merge and header cleanupManoj Palat11-11/+54
2018-12-08Flag errors for pre-12 usage of 12 constructsManoj Palat8-36/+204
2018-12-07Adding flow analysis for break expressionManoj Palat3-25/+30
2018-12-06fixing regression of SwitchTests with need-only-resolution of breakManoj Palat2-4/+6
2018-12-06flagging nested type for switch Manoj Palat2-6/+42
2018-12-04Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/BETA_JAVA_12' into manoj_switch_expr_531714Manoj Palat153-884/+6400
2018-12-04transform SwitchLabeledExpression to Implicit Break statement withManoj Palat3-16/+21
2018-12-04resolution refactoring, IProblem additionsManoj Palat7-89/+118
2018-12-04Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into BETA_JAVA_12Y20181205-2200Y20181204-0315jay57-296/+3820
2018-11-30Bug 541759 - [resource] don't suggest using t-w-r for a foreach elementI20181205-0600I20181204-1800I20181204-0600I20181203-1800Stephan Herrmann3-7/+75
2018-11-29Bug 538777 - With OpenJDK , Eclipse tests fail with Unrecognized JavaS4_10_0_RC1I20181203-0600I20181202-1800I20181202-0600I20181201-1800I20181201-0600I20181130-1800I20181129-0330jay1-0/+4
2018-11-28Bug 540067 - [9] An empty compilation unit in a package in a namedjay3-10/+214
2018-11-28Reporting error on mixing different case kindsManoj Palat4-3/+28
2018-11-28removal of break statement from rhs of switch label expression ruleManoj Palat29-377/+353
2018-11-28codegen - first ray of hope! breakstatement with expression.Manoj Palat4-2/+29
2018-11-27Bug 473317 - [compiler][resource] AutoCloseable used in enhanced forI20181128-1800I20181128-1105I20181128-0810Stephan Herrmann2-0/+89
2018-11-27Bug 541151 - [9] Random compilation problem (import cannot be resolved)I20181128-0600I20181128-0130I20181127-1800Stephan Herrmann1-2/+2
2018-11-26normal completion error message additionManoj Palat5-7/+34
2018-11-26Bug 541504: Default for JDT core debug should be falseI20181127-0600I20181126-1800I20181126-0940I20181126-0600Lars Vogel1-1/+1
2018-11-25Bug 404648 - [1.8][compiler] investigate differences between ECJ & JavacI20181126-0140I20181125-1800Stephan Herrmann4-19/+51
2018-11-23break expression recognition without error and removing unused ast nodeManoj Palat6-108/+4
2018-11-23Fixing wrong unreachable code error Manoj Palat2-1/+2
2018-11-23corrected break expression errorManoj Palat29-355/+370
2018-11-22collect arms - switch expression/statementsManoj Palat5-344/+122
2018-11-22Bug 541453 - [11][test] testBug537033 fails on Java 11I20181125-0600I20181124-1800I20181124-0600I20181123-1800Stephan Herrmann1-0/+9
2018-11-21Bug 413114 - added more outputs when test fails and an extra testS4_10_0_M3I20181121-1800I20181121-0910I20181121-0600Simeon Andreev3-1/+196
2018-11-20Bug 539749 - [test] rewrite tests that use a JDK module removed in 11Stephan Herrmann1-8/+42
2018-11-20Bug 539749 - [test] rewrite tests that use a JDK module removed in 11I20181120-1800Stephan Herrmann1-1/+60
2018-11-20Bug 540558 - [12] Create Java 12 version and supporting code in testsY20181128-2200Y20181121-2200Stephan Herrmann1-0/+31
2018-11-20Bug 539570 - Eclipse 2018-09 won't compile Java 11 source; thinks it isI20181120-0600Stephan Herrmann2-1/+25
2018-11-19clearing the conflict of lambda vs case in arrow for selection andManoj Palat3-7/+14
2018-11-17Bug 539749 - [test] rewrite tests that use a JDK module removed in 11I20181119-2315I20181119-1800I20181119-0600I20181118-1800I20181118-0600I20181117-1800Stephan Herrmann2-5/+106
2018-11-17Bug 205973 - [formatter] Allow to keep simple methods on one line (forMateusz Matela24-203/+2322
2018-11-16coalescing BlockStatement -> SwitchLabeledRule with deferred errorManoj Palat30-381/+375
2018-11-16StatementSwitch with exclusive arrows or columns - grammar changes - wipManoj Palat19-35/+30
2018-11-15Bug 541015 - Module-related NPE Compiling Java 11 codeI20181117-0600I20181116-1800Stephan Herrmann2-2/+77
2018-11-15intermediate non-inf wipManoj Palat29-105/+86
2018-11-15Bug 539570 - Eclipse 2018-09 won't compile Java 11 source; thinks it isI20181115-1800I20181115-0200Stephan Herrmann3-8/+8
2018-11-14Bug 535339 - All repositories need a NOTICE and LICENSE fileI20181114-1800I20181114-1345I20181114-1325I20181114-1050Sravan Kumar Lakkimsetti3-0/+371
2018-11-13Bug 540788 - [9] Module doesn't compileI20181114-0925I20181114-0355I20181114-0200Stephan Herrmann4-22/+158
2018-11-13temp stashing.Manoj Palat34-484/+468

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