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2019-10-09Bug 540902 - JRE Verify Error Case: Inconsistent stackmap framesR4_5_maintenanceJay Arthanareeswaran2-20/+119
2017-01-02Fixed bug 499809: [null][1.8] VerifyError when Null Analysis is onSasikanth Bharadwaj4-6/+102
2016-07-12Bug 491354: [compiler] Wrong "indirectly referenced" error for member type of...Markus Keller2-8/+101
2016-07-12Bug 490724 - [1.5][compiler] Compilation of 1.3 source against 1.5Jay Arthanareeswaran2-3/+97
2016-01-28Bug 486616 - Mars.2 features and bundles that need a service increaseR4_5_2M20160501-1430M20160212-1500M20160208-1530M20160203-1000M20160129-1400M20160128-1800Jay Arthanareeswaran4-4/+4
2016-01-28Bug 486616 - Mars.2 features and bundles that need a service increaseJay Arthanareeswaran6-6/+6
2016-01-13Bug 485495 - [Formatter] does not insert space before semicolon at the end of...M20160127-1000M20160120-1000Mateusz Matela2-2/+91
2016-01-13Bug 485276 - [formatter] another ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException while formatt...Mateusz Matela3-7/+30
2016-01-13Bug 479898 - [formatter] removes whitespace between final and first exception...Mateusz Matela2-3/+21
2016-01-13Bug 485163 - [formatter] Incorrect empty line indentation after line wrapMateusz Matela3-13/+133
2016-01-10Bug 484108 - JDT Compiler generates duplicate methods with nullabilityM20160113-1000Stephan Herrmann2-2/+78
2016-01-10Testcase and fix for bug 483952: NPE with raw type in generics context Till Brychcy2-0/+27
2016-01-10Bug 479167 - [1.8][inference] Wrong type and call inferred in varargsStephan Herrmann2-10/+31
2016-01-08Bug 478848: [compiler] Capture of array cannot be used as the collectionStephan Herrmann2-0/+42
2016-01-08Bug 479474 - [formatter] Problems when Matela2-0/+33
2016-01-08Bug 481221 - [formatter] New formatter incorrectly formats ", ;" in enum decl...Mateusz Matela2-1/+76
2016-01-08Bug 480735 - [formatter] whitespace after comma in enum declaration is removedMateusz Matela2-0/+11
2016-01-08Bug 480086 - [formatter] unwanted spaces in generic diamond operatorMateusz Matela2-7/+16
2016-01-08Bug 479959 - [formatter] indented empty lines after ifs and loops without bracesMateusz Matela2-30/+127
2016-01-08Bug 480030 - [formatter] Comments indentation error in switch statementsMateusz Matela2-2/+33
2016-01-08Bug 480029 - [formatter] Comments indentation error in javadoc @return statem...Mateusz Matela2-1/+25
2016-01-08Bug 479469 - [formatter] Line wrap for long @see referencesMateusz Matela2-1/+40
2016-01-07Bug 484957 - [formatter] Extra blank lines between consecutive javadoc commentsMateusz Matela2-8/+45
2016-01-07Bug 483922 - [formatter] Wrong indentation base for wrapped "throws" elements...Mateusz Matela3-1/+33
2016-01-07Bug 477430 - [formatter] wrong indentation when nesting anonymous classesMateusz Matela2-1/+26
2016-01-07Bug 477476 - Auto-formatter gets indentation wrong when used as post-save actionMateusz Matela15-275/+917
2016-01-06Bug 469584 - ClassCastException in Annotation.detectStandardAnnotationStephan Herrmann2-2/+22
2016-01-06Bug 121728 - [formatter] Code formatter thinks <P> generic class parameter is...Mateusz Matela2-4/+24
2016-01-06Fixed bug 476281 - [1.8] Using a local class inside a lambda inside anM20160106-1000Sasikanth Bharadwaj2-2/+49
2016-01-06Fixed bug 477888 [1.8][compiler] Compiler silently produces garbage butSasikanth Bharadwaj2-0/+91
2016-01-06bug 461004: Multiple spurious errors compiling FunctionalJava projectSasikanth Bharadwaj2-1/+32
2016-01-05Bug 470542: NullPointerException inStephan Herrmann2-3/+29
2016-01-05Bug 436091 - [compiler][null] Null analysis can't seem to decide if aStephan Herrmann2-1/+108
2016-01-05Bug 447661 - [1.8][null] Incorrect 'expression needs uncheckedStephan Herrmann2-11/+60
2016-01-05Bug 471611 - Error on hover on call to generic method with nullStephan Herrmann2-1/+44
2016-01-05Bug 471352 - Error creating external annotations after parameter withStephan Herrmann2-6/+58
2016-01-04Bug 470826 - ECJ fails to infer generic type for Stream.collect withoutStephan Herrmann2-13/+50
2016-01-04Bug 456584 - [1.8][null] Bogus warning for return type variable'sStephan Herrmann2-2/+28
2016-01-04Bug 446217 - [null] @NonNullByDefault in causes bogusStephan Herrmann2-2/+43
2016-01-04Bug 464081 - [null] Error when specifying external annotation onStephan Herrmann2-4/+171
2015-12-30Bug 475791 - [formatter] Additional blank line before static initializerMateusz Matela2-6/+137
2015-12-30Bug 479292 - [formatter] Header comment formatting for occu...Mateusz Matela2-3/+38
2015-12-30Bug 471202 - [formatter] Extra line break after annotation default expressionMateusz Matela3-3/+30
2015-12-30Bug 477005 - [formatter] NullPointerException when first line is empty and in...Mateusz Matela2-1/+16
2015-12-30Bug 475746 - [formatter] insert-space rules sometimes ignored with anonymous ...Mateusz Matela2-7/+79
2015-12-30Bug 475793 - [formatter] Incorrect whitespace after lambda blockMateusz Matela2-8/+25
2015-12-17Bug 481143 - [parser] Parser missing some line commentsM20151230-1000M20151223-1000Mateusz Matela2-0/+67
2015-10-04Bug 472413 - [formatter] Wrap all arguments on new lines and prefer outer exp...Mateusz Matela2-13/+121
2015-10-01Bug 478688 - Update parent pom to 4.5.2M20151217-0800M20151216-1300M20151216-1000M20151209-1000M20151202-1300M20151202-1000M20151125-1000M20151118-1100M20151118-1000M20151111-1000M20151104-1000M20151028-1000M20151021-1000M20151014-1000M20151007-1000Jay Arthanareeswaran18-20/+20
2015-09-22Bug 472815 - [formatter] 'Indent Empty lines' option doesn't work inside empt...Mateusz Matela4-41/+238

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