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2017-01-04[404146] [1.7][compiler] nested try-catch-finally-blocks leads toR3_6_maintenance_Java7Sasikanth Bharadwaj7-7/+210
2017-01-03Fixed bug 499809: [null][1.8] VerifyError when Null Analysis is onSasikanth Bharadwaj4-6/+104
2014-09-23Bug 440470: debugger source lookup is much slower than 4.3v_B87_R36x_J7Markus Keller1-15/+6
2014-04-15Fix for Bug 431275 - Deadlock in JavaModelManager$PerProjectInfo andv_B86_R36x_J7Jayaprakash Arthanareeswaran1-20/+26
2014-03-20Bug 410207 - Compiler incorrectly reports error message "X cannot bev_B85_R36x_J7Szymon Ptaszkiewicz8-41/+536
2013-03-20Fixed Bug 401853 - Eclipse Java compiler creates invalid bytecodeJesper Moller2-2/+94
2013-01-02Updating copyrightv_B84_R36x_J7Jayaprakash Arthanareeswaran26-26/+26
2013-01-02Fix for bug 396723 - Updating/closing build notes after backporting all theJayaprakash Arthanareeswaran1-1/+13
2013-01-02Fixed bug 346010: [model] strange initialization dependency in OptionTestsStephan Herrmann4-6/+73
2013-01-02Fixed bug 381172: VerifyError "Inconsistent stackmap frames" for switchAyushman Jain19-195/+240
2013-01-02Fix for bug 394718 - VerifyError: Inconsistent stackmap framesOlivier Thomann2-2/+3
2013-01-02Disabled regression test for 380927Srikanth1-0/+31
2013-01-02Fix for bug 380927: VerifyError issue with inconsistent stack map framesSrikanth4-3/+308
2013-01-02Fixed bug 380750: [compiler] local incorrectly flagged as uninitializedStephan Herrmann2-1/+25
2013-01-02Fixed bug 380313: Inconsistent stack error when using Java 1.7Ayushman Jain4-1/+402
2012-05-22Fixed bug 379793: formatter hangsAyushman Jain4-5/+77
2012-04-30build inputv_B83_R36x_J7Ayushman Jain1-1/+1
2012-04-30Fixed bug 376930: FUP of bug 24804: Organize imports does not work whenAyushman Jain3-13/+737
2012-04-30Fixed bug 376734: [Backport] Organize imports wipes comments betweenAyushman Jain3-7/+414
2012-04-13Updated build notes and Build inputv_B82_R36x_J7v20120413-1000_R362_J7Satyam Kandula2-4/+23
2012-04-13Fix for 375326: try-with-resources assignment in statement producesSatyam Kandula2-16/+281
2012-04-13Fix for 372687:org.eclipse.jdt.core.LRUCache.get(ObjectSatyam Kandula7-18/+72
2012-03-30Updated the versionsSatyam Kandula8-9/+9
2012-03-30Fixed bug 375248: AIOOBE inside twr with finally blockSrikanth2-2/+189
2012-03-30Fix for 185601: .apt_generated is not restored as a source folderSzymon Ptaszkiewicz2-10/+18
2012-01-19revert fix for bug 343060 - buildnotesAyushman Jain1-2/+0
2012-01-19revert fix for bug bug 343060: Method.getMethods() returnsAyushman Jain2-90/+10
2012-01-11R3_6_maintenance_Java7 - Build input (v_B81_R36x_J7)v_B81_R36x_J7Ayushman Jain1-1/+1
2012-01-11R3_6_maintenance_Java7 - Fixed bug 366131: [1.5][compiler] New genericsAyushman Jain4-4/+101
2012-01-10R3_6_maintenance_Java7 - Build input (v_B80_R36x_J7)v_B80_R36x_J7Ayushman Jain1-1/+1
2012-01-09R3_6_maintenance_Java7 - Fixed bug 367023: Error in JDT Core during ASTAyushman Jain3-4/+493
2012-01-09R3_6_maintenance_Java7 - Fixed bug 367566: In try-with-resourcesAyushman Jain3-4/+143
2012-01-09R3_6_maintenance_Java7 - Fixed bug 366999: VerifyError: InconsistentAyushman Jain4-6/+51
2011-12-14R3_6_maintenance_Java7 - Fixed bug 364450: Dubious class path errorAyushman Jain3-2/+43
2011-12-08R3_6_maintenance_Java7 - Fixed bug 362591: VerifyError: InconsistentAyushman Jain3-2/+97
2011-12-08R3_6_maintenance_Java7 - Fixed bug 343060: Method.getMethods() returnsAyushman Jain3-11/+93
2011-12-08R3_6_maintenance_Java7 - Fixed bug 361053: java.lang.VerifyError onAyushman Jain3-3/+59
2011-11-24R3_6_maintenance_Java7 - fixed bug 361441: Error in JDT Core during ASTJayaprakash Arthanareeswaran4-3/+41
2011-11-11Fixed bug 361938: Formerly working JLS3 parser not working -- ScannerSrikanth2-1/+19
2011-10-20R3_6_maintenance_Java7 - Changing since tags for new API and creating API fil...v_B79_R36x_J7R3_6_2_Java7Jayaprakash Arthanareeswaran4-6/+25
2011-10-20R3_6_maintenance_Java7 - Fix for 287164: Report build path error if sourceJayaprakash Arthanareeswaran14-32/+219
2011-10-113.6.maintenance with java 7 - adjust bundler versionsv_B78_R36x_J7v20111011-0800_R362_J7Olivier Thomann2-2/+16
2011-10-113.6.maintenance with java 7 - Fix bundle versionsOlivier Thomann4-4/+4
2011-10-113.6 maintenance Java 7 - Adjust bundle's versionsv_B77_R36x_J7v20111011-1300_R36x_J7Olivier Thomann4-8/+7
2011-10-11R3_6_maintenance_Java7 - Adjust bundle versionsJayaprakash Arthanareeswaran3-3/+3
2011-10-113_6_maintenance_Java7 - Fix for 359177: Test MethodVerifyTest#testBug317719hJayaprakash Arthanareeswaran1-6/+6
2011-10-063.6 maintenance java 7 - Fixed bug 359646: Formatter fails silently ifOlivier Thomann4-14/+30
2011-10-063.6 maintenance java 7 - Fix api filtersOlivier Thomann2-99/+104
2011-10-053.6 maintenance java 7 - Adjust bundle versionsOlivier Thomann4-4/+4
2011-10-053.6 maintenance Java 7 - Fixed bug 359495: [1.7][compiler] VerifyErrorOlivier Thomann7-4/+258

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