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2006-06-08Fix windows-specific tests that were broken on linux. Patch submitted by sban...v20060620APT_3_1_1_maintenanceJesse Garms2-12/+36
2006-05-30Reset the java project caches on an apt build. This fixes a situation where s...Jesse Garms3-1/+21
2006-05-03Bug 139873: APT dialogs missing keyboard accelerators. Missed a couple dialogs.Walter Harley1-3/+3
2006-05-03Bug 139873 - APT dialogs are missing keyboard acceleratorsWalter Harley1-18/+18
2006-05-03Bug 139466 - "enable all" and "disable all" buttons in factory path dialog no...Walter Harley1-52/+86
2006-05-03Remove use of private jdt.core code and switch to using public APIs, courtesy...Jesse Garms1-10/+3
2006-05-01Fix NPE in EclipseDeclarationImpl with a check for null.Jesse Garms1-0/+2
2006-04-26Cleanup: remove unused import from test.Jesse Garms1-1/+0
2006-04-18bug 137374 - Restore Defaults on Annotation Processing property page loses "g...Walter Harley1-2/+13
2006-04-18Bug 137058: disabling project-specific settings was not successfully removing...Walter Harley1-5/+16
2006-04-14Fix NPE from EnvironmentFactorythanson8-1/+127
2006-04-13Add support for serializing our generated file dependencies.Jesse Garms2-5/+197
2006-04-11Fixed warningthanson1-1/+1
2006-04-11Fixed warning.thanson1-10/+0
2006-04-11Fix for breakage in reconcile path.thanson3-45/+59
2006-04-05Perf enhancements in fetching types.thanson5-278/+188
2006-03-30Fix NPE when computing classpath in dependent projects.Jesse Garms1-4/+6
2006-03-29 Garms1-1/+9
2006-03-29Removed unused code in AptCompilationParticipant.Jesse Garms1-3/+0
2006-03-28Submission from to test annotation proxies.merge_src_20060329-0130Jesse Garms6-0/+279
2006-03-28Add classpath to options for dependent projects and their build directories.Jesse Garms1-22/+108
2006-03-27Add negative type cache to processor environment.Jesse Garms1-3/+11
2006-03-27Fix multi-dimensional array case for Fields. Also added a JUnit test case for...Jesse Garms4-9/+40
2006-03-15Complete support for inner types requested from Env.getTypeDeclaration(). E.g...Root_APT_3_1_1_branchJesse Garms2-2/+58
2006-03-08Bugzilla bug 130810.merge_src_20060308-2330Jesse Garms1-1/+7
2006-03-07When APT is disabled, recursively delete generated source directories as long...Jesse Garms1-1/+17
2006-03-07Workaround for bug in platform resource notification: record deletions in a p...Jesse Garms7-53/+115
2006-02-28Perf enhancements - Prescan all java files with annotations.thanson3-93/+68
2006-02-27Updating to version 3.1.2.apt04.Jesse Garms5-5/+10
2006-02-21Add null checks around some calls in AptConfig.getProcessorOptionsmerge_src_20060221-0125Walter Harley1-1/+10
2006-02-16PERF: Cache the package fragment roots if requested during a build.Jesse Garms3-5/+18
2006-02-16Update version to 3.1.2.Jesse Garms6-11/+15
2006-02-16clarify API comment (no code change)Walter Harley1-4/+5
2006-02-15fix typos in dialog textWalter Harley1-3/+3
2006-02-10Implement a hacky version of isAssignable and isSubtypethanson21-219/+255
2006-02-07Modify IllegalArgumentExceptions to indicate specifically whether the arg was...Jesse Garms1-9/+23
2006-02-06Throw IllegalArgumentException if type name is null or empty on createSourceF...Jesse Garms1-0/+6
2006-02-06Fix CCE and NPE from incorrect proxy implementation.Jesse Garms2-7/+19
2006-02-03Fix OutOfMemoryError by caching type requests.thanson2-33/+23
2006-02-03bugzilla 108070 - warn when setting generated source folder to an existing di...Walter Harley7-72/+74
2006-02-03Update apt 3.1 plugin for update site.Jesse Garms5-5/+5
2006-01-28Add manifest-classpath support to JarClassLoader.Jesse Garms2-13/+85
2006-01-27Log stack trace on failure to load factories.Jesse Garms1-0/+2
2006-01-27Fix ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException when sorting offsets.Jesse Garms1-3/+3
2006-01-27Add support for annotations on method parameters.Jesse Garms1-13/+18
2006-01-26Another change in getResource().v20060126-2215thanson1-1/+9
2006-01-26Fix for NPE in JarClassLoaderthanson1-1/+2
2006-01-26Reading annotation value through Proxy (reflection) will not throw ClassCastE...tyeung10-563/+1514
2006-01-25Test fixes:Jesse Garms1-17/+22
2006-01-25Enable JarClassLoader to elminate locking problems.thanson4-158/+133

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