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authorptff2004-09-22 17:15:46 +0000
committerptff2004-09-22 17:15:46 +0000
commit6635f8a9a49dfb93a63a851a607addfcd6d83842 (patch)
treefdce176fa5d3396921df45832ea778e23a5e6d8f /org.eclipse.jdt.core/buildnotes_jdt-core.html
parent3b9b7a7d0a241f57946c2f7535b52039d498213e (diff)
R3_0_maintenance: rollback to 3.0.1 (version v_452_R30x)R3_0_1
Diffstat (limited to 'org.eclipse.jdt.core/buildnotes_jdt-core.html')
1 files changed, 0 insertions, 31 deletions
diff --git a/org.eclipse.jdt.core/buildnotes_jdt-core.html b/org.eclipse.jdt.core/buildnotes_jdt-core.html
index 7953c123cb..e2447c59bf 100644
--- a/org.eclipse.jdt.core/buildnotes_jdt-core.html
+++ b/org.eclipse.jdt.core/buildnotes_jdt-core.html
@@ -35,37 +35,6 @@
-<a name="v_453"></a>
-Eclipse Platform Build Notes&nbsp;<br>
-Java Development Tooling Core</h1>
-Eclipse SDK 3.0.1 Build - ? September 2004 - 3.0.2
-<br>Project org.eclipse.jdt.core v_453_R30x
-(<a href="">cvs</a>).
-What's new in this drop</h2>
-<h3>Problem Reports Fixed</h3>
-<a href="">73497</a>
-Problem methods don't point to the right position in source
-<br><a href="">74014</a>
-prefix path for source attachements - automatic detection does not seem to work
-<br><a href="">73330</a>
-NullPointerException in search
-<br><a href="">73995</a>
-[Javadoc] Wrong warning for missing return type description for @return {@inheritDoc}
-<br><a href="">73551</a>
-[Search] NPE while searching package declaration
-<br><a href="">71267</a>
-[Search][Javadoc] SearchMatch in class javadoc reported with element of type IImportDeclaration
-<br><a href="">73112</a>
-[Search] SearchEngine doesn't find all fields multiple field declarations
-<br><a href="">73348</a>
-[Javadoc] Missing description for return tag is not always warned
<a name="v_452"></a>
Eclipse Platform Build Notes&nbsp;<br>

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