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authorJeff Johnston2019-08-07 18:04:31 +0000
committerStephan Herrmann2019-11-15 22:14:47 +0000
commit02bfee1383373427dca07e6f5e902c6abb9952f1 (patch)
tree166794e54367b3e68566ba02bda022f34ca32470 /org.eclipse.jdt.core.ecj.validation
parentc90af8793f3e49e6987b7f29394594bc1d7e3892 (diff)
- change AbstractCommentParser.getTokenEndPosition() to be protected - add module-info support to CompilationUnitDeclaration.resolve() - add new IProblem values for @provides and @uses errors - add new code to Javadoc resolve(Methodscope) method to support parsing module-info javadoc - add resolveUsesTags() and resolveProvidesTags() methods to Javadoc to check tags against actual uses and provides statements - add parseUsesReference() and parseProvidesReference() methods to JavadocParser to parse @uses and @provides tags - add new IProblem messages to - add javadoc field to ModuleDeclaration - add new uses and provides tag error support to ProblemReporter - in Parser.consumeModuleDeclaration() set up compilationUnit javadoc - add new javadocModuleMissing method to ProblemReporter - add new JavadocTestForModule test class - add new IJavadocTypeReference interface and have JavaQualifiedTypeReference and JavaSingleTypeReference implement it Change-Id: Ib4eff519fe53c1fdb9ceca5d480dccb55aa23ab8
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