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2014-07-11Fixed references to old parameterized build wiki pages. These now point at ↵dmills6-10/+10
eclipse wiki
2014-07-11Corrected reference to fingerprint page in old wiki to new wikidmills1-2/+2
2014-07-11Removed reference to old nabble conversation that was no longer accessibledmills6-11/+5
2014-07-11Updated reference to missing old wiki topic Project+cascading to point at ↵dmills19-36/+62
relevant part of the Hudson Book
2014-07-11Corrected URL ref in the PT_BR version of the maven help file to the ↵dmills7-7/+14
internal location rather than old hudson repo browser. Also corrected all the anchor tags in the help to open this reference in another browser tab
2012-07-26Fix the help link to fingerprint and point it to the eclipse wiki - ↵Winston Prakash6-6/+6
2011-12-02Resolve issue Hudson-9078 (There is no help available for 'Cascading ↵8nevil81-0/+4
Project' in the New Job creation page) Signed-off-by: Winston Prakash <>
2011-12-02Added cascading for "Restrict where this project can be run"akozak4-7/+19
Signed-off-by: Winston Prakash <>
2011-12-02Improved ru properties, help messages. Fixed UI for concurrentBuild ↵akozak15-46/+203
cascading property rendering. Signed-off-by: Winston Prakash <>
2011-10-07Initial checkin of hudson-war module with out icons and javascript (CQ - 5515)Winston Prakash123-0/+3354

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