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2007-12-06Adding test.xml to binary build.rgronback1-1/+2
2007-10-31[208264]: [lite]: Implement border itemsbblajer6-57/+298
2007-09-19Tests that changes in the default font are reflected in elements with unset f...bblajer1-0/+55
2007-09-18Preference Defaults initialized from GenDiagramPreferences;bblajer3-2/+169
2007-09-18Link color should be taken from preferencesbblajer1-10/+20
2007-08-31Correct the styles attached to each of the diagram element type (make consist...bblajer1-13/+11
2007-08-22Multi setup (for shortcut-related tests);bblajer4-0/+249
2007-06-20Uncompilable code is generated on purpose for this entry type. Does not make ...bblajer2-12/+2
2007-05-30[189550] Added about.html filergronback2-1/+30
2007-05-22[123240] clean gmfgen uses of required pluginsatikhomirov1-2/+3
2007-05-18switching to nsURI format which uses year to denote model version (same way E...atikhomirov2-2/+2
2007-05-17moving towards not using fqnswitch and java to tell draw2d figure names; let ...atikhomirov2-4/+2
2007-05-16no need for custom means to navigate models when there are uri fragments and ...atikhomirov2-16/+25
2007-05-03eliminate compilation problems in testsbblajer1-11/+16
2007-04-24CanonicalStyle is taken into account while refreshing notational model to ref...bblajer2-1/+52
2007-04-12Lite Diagram Editor opened using New Editor popup menu item on editor tab sho...bblajer3-1/+54
2007-04-06Test failure fixedv20070405-1100bblajer1-1/+7
2007-04-05Rollback to the updated version: problem found elsewheremfeldman1-10/+15
2007-04-05*** empty log message ***mfeldman1-1/+1
2007-04-05Rollback to the old scheme.. trying to eliminate build machine problemsmfeldman1-15/+10
2007-03-20NavigatorReference type constant name corrected.ashatalin1-12/+12
2007-03-05ComponentEditPolicy.xpt: replace int constant with a reference thereto to fac...bblajer4-3/+66
2007-03-02unused vars removedbblajer1-2/+0
2007-03-01Test scripts updatedmfeldman1-10/+15
2007-03-01[171782] add preference to keep path for dynamic figure templatesatikhomirov2-2/+2
2007-02-28Performance: do not generate identical EMF model and edit projects more than ...bblajer2-32/+31
2007-02-23Test for [170078]: Remove link with class from the domain model on deleting l...bblajer2-0/+104
2007-02-23CreateRequest now knows about the MODEL_ID;bblajer1-3/+3
2007-02-08refactor GenAuditContainer: flatten hierarchy as it fits most for templates w...atikhomirov1-11/+16
2007-02-02Several templates are rewritten with xpand;bblajer2-7/+169
2007-01-17Updating plugin versionsashatalin1-13/+13
2007-01-17Updating plugin versions for 2.0 release in accordance with changes made there.ashatalin1-3/+3
2007-01-12Tests for [170340]: Expand collapsed compartments automatically when new elem...bblajer2-56/+109
2007-01-12[170248]: Test for compartments collapsibilitybblajer1-1/+57
2006-12-25[159567]: RCP option is controlled differently than before. Tests for compila...bblajer1-13/+12
2006-12-11Rollback of the incorrectly commited changes.ashatalin1-6/+1
2006-12-08Switching off autobuild.ashatalin2-22/+8
2006-12-06Optimization for lite compilation tests:bblajer5-109/+57
2006-12-06Fail predictably (currently, sometimes passes if the registry is not initiali...bblajer1-0/+2
2006-12-05workspace setup should not be part of session and could be initialized with k...atikhomirov1-1/+4
2006-12-05Made compilable after recent changes in base classbblajer1-1/+1
2006-12-04fix compilation issueatikhomirov1-1/+1
2006-11-24-clean flag cleans the platform configuration before running testsmfeldman1-1/+1
2006-11-24[164021] allow to choose standard tools for lite generatorbblajer3-13/+77
2006-11-23[163214]: Lite runtime should support generation to a Viewbblajer3-0/+73
2006-11-21get rid of NPE at the end of the testsatikhomirov1-17/+9
2006-11-03[163126] Using ToolGroup with stack = true produces uncompiliable code + Testsbblajer3-28/+52
2006-11-02JET templates for gmfgraph model replaced with Xpand counterparts.atikhomirov2-2/+2
2006-11-02'default' type goneatikhomirov1-5/+1
2006-10-27On regeneration, do not generate imports that conflict with those already pre...bblajer2-2/+62

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