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2006-09-01refactoring: abstract use of JMerge for merging away from generator services ...atikhomirov9-133/+249
2006-09-01[155966] - No valid diagram root in "Initialize ... diagram file" wizard on X...ashatalin2-2/+14
2006-08-31check whether can disable compiler warnings with this optionatikhomirov1-0/+1
2006-08-31#154698 Support migration of GMF tooling models in case of backward incomatib...radvorak9-10/+355
2006-08-30use same counter code to estimate amount of workatikhomirov3-118/+85
2006-08-30missed copyright textatikhomirov1-0/+11
2006-08-30properties reorganizedatikhomirov6-28/+20
2006-08-30extracted caching behaviour outside from the factory - moving towards support...atikhomirov7-143/+204
2006-08-30avoid 'unchecked' warningsatikhomirov8-20/+22
2006-08-29hide jet nature of emitters far behind - moving towards support for different...atikhomirov2-81/+79
2006-08-29#154698 Support migration of GMF tooling models in case of backward incomatib...radvorak8-9/+669
2006-08-29[155561] Correcting templates in accordance with unit-test.ashatalin4-9/+12
2006-08-29filter models by selectiondstadnik2-4/+36
2006-08-28caching behavior extracted to keep separate from *generation iterator* functi...atikhomirov6-47/+113
2006-08-28#155014 Default gmfmap model creation wizard should create initial contentdstadnik9-13/+643
2006-08-28[155258] mgolubev - reconcile attributes of ElementTypeatikhomirov2-1/+14
2006-08-25fixed iconsatikhomirov2-0/+0
2006-08-25[155230] mgolubev ViewmapProducer to deduce DefaultSizeAttributes from figure...atikhomirov2-0/+21
2006-08-25[124826] mgolubev - Support nodes with border itemsatikhomirov2-1/+61
2006-08-25[124826] mgolubev - Support nodes with border itemsatikhomirov29-403/+1452
2006-08-25minor refactoringatikhomirov2-37/+36
2006-08-25[154951] Hygiene - no version tolerancesashatalin1-5/+5
2006-08-24[155023] mgolubev - better error message in case of missed diagram labelatikhomirov1-1/+5
2006-08-24[154687] mgolubev - Support scalable polygonsatikhomirov35-316/+1087
2006-08-24[154683] mgolubev - Handle custom borders.atikhomirov11-109/+375
2006-08-23[153893] XXXDocumentProvider.saveDocumentToFile can cause loss of dataashatalin2-2/+2
2006-08-23use emf property mergerdstadnik4-6/+21
2006-08-22[154689] bblajer - support merging of generated non-java filesatikhomirov4-2/+9
2006-08-21add file merge support for other text files (!java)dstadnik7-5/+163
2006-08-21#154515 "Initialize diagram" action can not process links by class in case if...ashatalin3-493/+555
2006-08-17#141789 call "Arrange ALL" function in generation code for initialize the dia...ashatalin5-609/+691
2006-08-16#154055 Allow shortcut creation for model elements returned by DelegatingWrap...ashatalin2-9/+21
2006-08-09[152859] bblajer - add missing @generated tagsatikhomirov11-711/+736
2006-08-09[153296] mgolubev - bug in GMFGenConfig leads to failing testsatikhomirov1-0/+4
2006-08-07preserve custom behaviourdstadnik1-1/+12
2006-08-04[bblajer] #152854 Allow shape nodes to be placed inside list-layout compartmentsatikhomirov2-1/+4
2006-08-04[bblajer] #152851 Deletion of element without links is not reflected in view ...atikhomirov2-2/+7
2006-08-04[bblajer] #152774 Compilable code when EClass has instance class attribute setatikhomirov24-5459/+6137
2006-08-02[bblajer] #146009 Reflect changes in domain model linksatikhomirov36-3694/+7444
2006-08-01#116861 [Tests] Create unit-tests checking code generated for the models with...ashatalin7-449/+509
2006-07-28Correcting GenChildNode matching logic.ashatalin1-2/+2
2006-07-24make generated code look more nice - for mgolubevatikhomirov3-5/+4
2006-07-24[fisakov] #151522 Shortcut decorator provider removes decoration on refreshashatalin2-9/+9
2006-07-24Correcting null-pointer exception.ashatalin2-1/+4
2006-07-21Split storeTypeModelFacetLinks into set of fine-grained methods to ease overr...atikhomirov3-553/+624
2006-07-20Version updated.ashatalin1-1/+1
2006-07-20GenModel unit-tests added.ashatalin7-19/+19
2006-07-18preserve domain model file extensionatikhomirov1-0/+1
2006-07-13Updating stateDiagram.gmfgraphashatalin2-12/+69

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